Papal Power and the End Times
by Michael Burkert

When Josef Cardinal Ratzinger ascended the papal throne in Rome, few realized the significance of his election. Most opined at the time that he would be only a “caretaker” Pope. Others went so far as to state that he was only elected to fill the position until such time as a “real” successor to John Paul II could be identified and subsequently groomed for the papacy.

Make no mistake about it. Pope Benedict XVI is a REAL POPE. He is not a caretaker, nor is he some interloper that sits around the Vatican fanning himself! There is fierceness about Benedict that has surprised even his most fervent detractors. He is a man to be reckoned with and he is already proving his mettle.

He ascended the papal throne at the ripe age of 78. Most thoroughly believed that he would take it easy in his winter years, relax and enjoy the trapping of the papacy and just “let things ride.” However, the detractors were wrong in their misguided and premature evaluations of this man, his vision and his intentions for the church.

During the short period that Benedict has ruled the Church of Rome, a number of significant events have occurred. He lost little time in beginning the clean up of the Roman clergy. Homosexual priests, bishops and cardinals are no longer to be tolerated. He has removed numerous Vatican officials for having failed to uphold Catholic doctrines, papal rulings and non-negotiable Catholic core values. He has denounced homosexuality for the grievous sin that it is. However, he has done even more than this.

During the summer of 2005, Benedict traveled to his native Germany to speak at a Catholic Youth Festival. It was his first papal visit to the German Fatherland. I well remember the adulation shown to the Pope by throngs of Germans both Catholic and non-Catholic. I saw for myself the unbelievable frenzy that his passing motorcade caused, when it crossed the route where I was waiting. There were cries of Der Papst der Papst, UNSER Papst! (The Pope the Pope, OUR POPE).

As a young boy, Josef Ratzinger was a member of the Hitler Youth. This is not his fault as it was a state requirement for both young boys and girls to be a part of the Nazi youth movement. The leaders of Hitlerian Germany were will aware of the necessity of capturing the minds of the nation’s young people so that the regime could be preserved by a follow-on cadre of a trained and prepared younger generation.

The greatest accomplishment of the Ratzinger papacy may well be the re-establishment of the Roman Catholic Church as a sanctuary for the youth of Europe. In first cleaning up the clergy and eliminating pedophiles, sexual deviants and perverts, Benedict wishes to assure the young people of Europe that they have a safe place to worship, study, play and need not fear being subjugated to the whims of a sexual predator.

In 2005 Ratzinger declared, “How much filth there is in the church, even among those who in the priesthood, should belong entirely to Him.” That same year, the Pope declared war on secularism. He has written about the moral decline of the church and chalked it up to “liberation theology.” No longer a staple of Catholicism, an AGGRESSIVE RELIGIOSITY has replaced it.

From the beginning, Ratzinger has used politics as a prime weapon in his quest to revitalize the Church of Rome. After all, he has at his disposal, a DIPLOMATIC SERVICE that is unequaled in skill, ability and stealth. He is already flexing his muscles in Italian politics and is extending the power and influence of the Roman church to other countries in Europe. Don’t think that his influence in GERMANY is minimal.

Remembering the power of the Nazi media he witnessed first hand as a youth, Ratzinger announced last month that the Roman church would launch a new media war.

His intention is to build a worldwide television network from where he can communicate with the peoples throughout the world, bringing the messages of the church to the multitudes.

Benedict knows all too well that there is a rather large number of young people who are looking for an alternative to the liberal socialist and secular progressive society which is forced upon them in most of Western Europe and North America. A return to the Mother Church is in the offing and it’s happening right under our noses.

Benedict has already been able to influence politics in Italy as I mentioned above. Earlier this year, the Pope exercised enough power to quietly replace secular Prime Minister Romano Prodi. He has told Catholic politicians that, “they must not vote for laws that go against issues such as abortion and homosexual marriage.”

Pope Benedict XVI sees his mission as one to restore the proper place of the Roman Church in Europe. That means no compromise with the “non-negotiable church values.” Additionally, the Pope was able to influence the rejection of a law to repeal of the Sonntag Rechte or Sunday law in Germany.

The German “Sunday law” was a Nazi initiated law, coordinated with the Catholic Church, that is still in effect and enforced. It essentially requires that businesses and stores close on Sunday, as it is a “family day” and a “day of worship.” Ratzinger has told both Italian and German politicians that they must give “public testimony to their Catholic faith.” Apparently he is holding their feet to the fire as evidenced by the growing influence of Catholicism in European politics.

As we move further into the end times, we continue to hear daily of the threat Islam poses to both Europe and the Americas. Europe will NOT BECOME EURABIA, as some continue to speculate. However, for now, the media in both Europe and the United States will focus on the Islamic threat and report virtually nothing concerning the Catholic revolution Benedict began in 2005.

Our partisan media in the United States and Canada will continue to delude us with liberal biased reporting of issues designed to destroy the Bush Presidency, and assure liberal control of both our nation’s governments for the foreseeable future.

Garner Ted Armstrong taught us that the 10-nation Beast power, allied with its false prophet is going to “rise up quickly” as if by magic, under our very noses. Things are moving rapidly now. Events are stacking up, prophecies are being fulfilled at a breathtaking pace, yet we are not aware of most of the world events that will soon affect every man, woman and child on this planet!

The media is too concerned with fluff such as the latest outrage uttered by Rosie, or the deranged ranting of Alec, or what Anna Nicole had for dinner before she died. We are left largely in the dark about events developing in Europe both in the political as well as the social and religious sectors. Europe is of little concern to our media.

It is now becoming obvious that the United States will not win the WAR WITH ISLAM. Our nation is divided and lacks resolve to win any war, let alone the war we are currently fighting. It is doubtful that any president elected in 2008 can turn things around, rally our nation and prosecute a successful war with Islam.

That war has been repeatedly declared “lost” by Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), the leader of his party. Is this a self-fulfilling prophecy? Will American troops return home, as they did following the Vietnam War, once again beaten, not on the battlefield, but in the Congress of the United States? Will our U.S. government seal our defeat with Islam? This is certainly the indication we see on a daily basis.

Clearly the “American Century” is over. Josef Ratzinger is acutely aware that both the United States and Great Britain have lost power and influence.  Secularism, Multi-Culturalism and the abandonment of God have weakened us from within.

Both of our nations will soon be relegated to second class status and the Pope is very much aware of events that are rapidly overtaking both the U.S. and the UK. Ratzinger knows that WE HAVE ABANDONED GOD and the price we will soon be forced to pay is high!

He sees his mission, in the years of papacy that he has left, to insure that European Catholicism resumes her traditional role in the governance and guidance of Europe. The re-establishment of Catholic influence over every aspect of European life is in the offing. The legacy of Pope Benedict XVI will be a strong economic and militarily powerful CATHOLIC Europe.

Only a United Europe, bound together by the Church of Rome will demonstrate the resolve to deal with ISLAMIC EXPANSIONISM. Benedict knows all too well the historic role that the Church has played in opposing Islam. With the coming U.S. and Israeli debacle in the Middle East, it will be up to the Europeans once and for all to settle matters with Islam.

We face a tumultuous period, a very precarious time for all. We may well see the “triumph of Islam” overcome the United States. Unchecked Muslim immigration, deference to quirky Muslim demands to include SHARI’A Law, may well overtake us.

Dark forces are gathering around the world as never before. The “radar scope” is overloaded with “blips” on the horizon that will bring about the SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST.

Pray daily that you may be found worth to escape all these things and to STAND with your Savior on the Mount of Olives at the sound of the Last Trump. Pray daily that the WILL of the Eternal God be done, and that he send His Son Jesus Christ back to this earth soon, to establish His Kingdom.

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