Is America's Legal System Islam's Best Friend
by By Michael Burkert  


A new and most insidious enemy has now taken aim at the security of the United States.  This enemy is armed, not with artillery, bombers or WMD.  The enemy is armed with the United States Constitution!


You read that correctly. The foundational document of the great country which for over two centuries has been used as the means for providing national stability, security, justice, growth and prosperity is now being used against us in a most startling and mind-boggling manner. Unable to defeat United States Forces on the ground, at sea or in the air, our Islamic enemies are now joining forces with our own American legal system to attack the credibility of this country and in some legal skirmishes are soundly beating us!


American established organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the Center for Constitutional Rights and the Council on American Islamic Relations are now aiding foreign Islamic groups and defending individuals who are known and self-declared terrorists. Armed with an agenda not only to embarrass but outright destroy the current administration and American values, these groups and other legal and political action groups, in defense of our Islamic enemies, are providing every constitutional means possible to weaken the integrity of our nation. The battle is now in our nation’s courts and the weapons are the ideologies which  built this nation.


The pride and power of this great nation is eroding in ways one could have hardly imagined even thirty years ago. National blindness, self-preoccupation and moral decay is allowing for our enemies to walk among us and use our own national institutions to defeat us. God promised national protection from our enemies if we remain obedient to His laws. In the book of Deuteronomy, we read of a promise God would fulfill, that God would “cause thine enemies which rise up against thee to be smitten before thine face.” But that promise is conditional.


As a nation we have not been obedient to God, we have ABANDONED THE ETERNAL GOD and now these enemies are succeeding to weaken this country using our own constitutional and civil laws. Tragically now our enemies are not only those on foreign soil but our own citizens who have ties and traditions, blood connections and religious convictions to their mother countries, to their religion – Islam. Our great nation which allows honorable passage into and out of this country has ironically provided the means for evil-minded, calculating individuals to abuse the very rights granted by this nation.


One of the tactics that our enemy Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, in concert with American citizens and lawyers have successfully used against us is to claim poor treatment, poor food, poor living conditions and TORTURE during their incarceration at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Our very partisan media is quick to pick up on these accusations and publicize such claims as if they were true. The mainstream media, another sometime enemy of the United States quite frequently manipulates news stories in favor of the terrorist’s cause. If the media would present the facts as they are, that these detainees have no U.S. Constitutional rights by virtue of the fact that they are not U.S. citizens, rather are “enemy combatants,” perhaps the average American citizen could begin to understand the realities we face and realize how the ACLU, the CCR, CAIR among other legal institutions are obfuscating the laws of our land.


So far, our enemies have met with great success in the FEDERAL COURTS of our nation. There are multitudes of lawsuits before courts across America right now that have opened the door for terrorists to file petitions against the U.S. Government demanding their freedom. The most recent legislation, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 seeks to eliminate the ambiguities many pro-terrorist, U.S. lawyers take advantage of in their attempt to free these evil minded men, locked up in Gitmo. Terrorists, in league with their ACLU lawyers want to file habeas corpus suits in efforts to thwart our government from holding them as prisoners of war.


The courts are also log-jammed with tort claims filed against the U.S. Military.  Wounded enemy combatants want monetary restitution from our government and the right to sue individual U.S. commanders and soldiers who are responsible for their wounds!  Our enemies who have caused us to war against them now want the U.S. to provide compensation and make amends for disrupting their lives. And many anti-American liberals within this country are providing the means for the terrorists to succeed.


What adds to the mix are the allegations that our military is abusive, brutal and corrupt. As though the Islamic warrior terrorists are not!


The liberal media is quick to report stories (often one-sided) of our troops sexually humiliating and abusing prisoners or shooting families, women and children in house to house searches. War is brutal; it always has been and always will be. Our Islamic enemies, radical and rabid, are even more brutal. The irony once again is some few elements within our military (our U.S. citizens, both young men and women) have caused embarrassment to the honor and the hard work the many men and women in uniform who do act honorably and respectfully. Our military in Iraq is composed of the young men and women who come from the city streets of America, an America which at large is disobedient to the laws of God and is losing sight of common logical civility. Is it any wonder then why street behavior rears its ugly head from time to time within the actions of our military? The shame of it all is American lawyers and the liberal media are aiding the enemy, an enemy determined to destroy America.


These legal professionals, schooled in America, under the Constitutional Laws of the land are no friends of the United States. Truly they are self-serving, liberal-minded individuals bent on promoting the cause of the enemies of the United States. Their actions speak volumes.


Today, it is within the realm of possibility that anti-American legal actions will totally cripple any efforts we might otherwise make in defeating our ISLAMIC ENEMIES.


Our vaunted legal system, in league with the media, has created a divide in the United States; a divide that most likely will never be joined again. Jesus warned about this very issue: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand” (Matthew 12:25). This reality applies not only in politics but religion and in moral thinking.


The citizenry of the United States is divided; this country is divided. Much that is written in biblical prophecy as it pertains to the House of Israel and the House of Judah points directly to the times in which we now live. There can be little doubt that we are facing the period that your Bible refers to as the end times. At no other time in our history have we witnessed the cold-calculated effort to completely destroy our nation from within.


At no time in our nation’s history have we experienced an enemy quite like radical Islam. Yet our people are blissfully ignorant of this menace. Falling prey to the insidious, harmful and JUST PLAIN STUPID notion of “political correctness,” many want to “understand” Islam. Many more want to embrace it solely, because it is so very UN-AMERICAN!


As a nation, we have ABANDONED GOD. The cost of our stiff-necked resistance and denial of the Eternal’s rules and regulations, His laws and commandments (which were ordained for life, for healthy and prosperous living) will ultimately destroy us as a nation. The misuse, on behalf of an enemy dedicated to our destruction, of our American legal system is just one more internal sign that the very fabric of our nation is being ripped apart. The solution is for our nation to get down on our collective knees and repent and ask the Eternal God for forgiveness.


Pray always that you will be found worthy to escape all of the troubles that lay before us, and to STAND with our Savior on the Mount of Olives when He returns to this earth. In the meantime, pray daily, “Thy Kingdom come Father,” and SOON PLEASE!


The pride and power of our nation is broken and it’s our own fault. Our nation suffers from a self-loathing brought upon us by the national sins committed by the American people and a willing and ready liberal socialist element firmly ensconced in American society all of whom have totally ABANDONED THE ETERNAL GOD!

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