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The Iran Connection

The most strategically important and fluid situations in the Middle East have dissolved into chaos.  Iran is implicated in each of them.  Its crazed theocracy is successfully cementing its influence in several areas important to the immediate future of the Middle East.  Although there are numerous locations outside Iran where their murderous intentions are being carried out, the one that is foremost in this week’s news is right inside the territory which until recently was part of sovereign Israel, and that is of course, Gaza


Hamas, the most extreme of the radical factions in Gaza, has, in a series of battles taken control of the most strategic installations. They have eliminated all who stood in their way, many of them shot in the head execution style in the streets, and are currently in a “mopping up” mode as they take complete armed control of the territory.  Gaza will now assume all the accoutrements of a religious police state. Iran’s support of and influence over Hamas is well known, and has been widely reported for some time.  Consequently, it’s no stretch to conclude that Iran now has a secure base of operations, even if by proxy, upon what was only a short time ago, Israeli soil.


The Palestinian so-called coalition government headed by Mahmoud Abbas, the brainchild of U.S. State department diplomats, created as the best and only chance for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, has been destroyed.  It has fallen victim to the fervent adherents of the “religion of peace.”   Mind you, Abbas attempted to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, talking peace to Americans and Israelis while making sure the Palestinian population remained fired up for the eventual destruction of Israel.  The game was intended to continue as it has for decades, with Abbas accepting vast sums of financial assistance from the U.S. for agreeing to sign some vaguely worded document crafted by diplomats and hailed as “another step” toward peace. To date the U.S. has supplied Abbas with some 60 million in tax payers’ money in security assistance.  Meanwhile, from local television to the classrooms to the mosques, terrorism and “martyrdom” are continually glorified amid a constant theme of “death to Israel, death to America.” 


But even this long-accepted ruse was not radical enough for Hamas, the Iranian proxy with whom Abbas, and even Israel, was trying to do business.  So, this is it.  The “road map for peace” was a dud.  They surely knew it wouldn’t fly, but now it’s official.  Some high-minded diplomatic tack with these whacked-out religious zealots never was going to work.  It never worked before either, going all the way back to Henry Kissinger’s “step by step” peace plan, except to delay the inevitable.  The problem is that the “inevitable” of today is of far greater consequence than it would have been thirty years ago. 


Now they’ve got bombs, all manner of arms, missiles and some of them, thanks to Iran, are powerful and accurate.  (The terrorists also have U.S. arms supplied to Abbas in a failed attempt to maintain security against the more radical Hamas.  Now Hamas has the weapons, ammo and armored vehicles we supplied.  Reports now claim that the U.S. is pressuring Israel anew to make additional concessions to Abbas.  The Bush Administration is also pushing to supply additional weapons to Abbas even though everything we sent them up to this point is now in the hands of Hamas!  But even Abbas’ “more moderate” Fatah group includes terrorists who’ve taken credit for numerous suicide bombings and rocket attacks on Israel over recent years.) They’ve got religion in a way that never occurred to them back in the day.  Now they’ve got a police-state theocracy with money backing them.  Iran’s stock is going way up all over the Middle East, and it’s beginning to look like a big deal.  Maybe even a “king of the south” kind of big deal.  Obviously American and Israeli strategists are now very concerned that this disaster is about to spread to the West Bank!


Obviously, the appeasement/bribery tack didn’t work in Gaza.  It hasn’t worked in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq or Afghanistan.  In fact, it’s never ever worked in any instance or situation.  It certainly can never work against an enemy that is obsessed with some vile religious philosophy that demands your extinction! 


But the UN isn’t convinced.  And the basic truth of that last statement, presumably known as irrefutable truth since the days of Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill, runs counter to the very existence of the U.S. State Department.  Obviously, the Bush Administration doesn’t get it either.  They’ve so wanted to see Condi do well; so wanted peace.  But the only way she can succeed is to run around crafting diplomatic documents and get agreements promising nobody will fire a shot in lieu of vast sums of “humanitarian assistance.”  That strategy has run its course in the Middle East.  The enemies can count on oil income.  The U.S. and the UN can’t bring themselves to cut off Iran’s oil trade.  While Ahmadinejad boldly threatens Israel and the United States, Iran supports its proxies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza with weapons and cash.  Our diplomats scurry around looking for some “moderate” to carry the charade another step or two, but now Iran has outflanked the diplomats with their promises of “humanitarian assistance.”  Who needs humanitarian assistance when world domination beckons?


Attempts by Israel’s gutless Prime Minister, Olmert, to appease the enemy, play along with the State Department and the UN has turned out predictably.  Olmert’s looking like the strongest leader on the world scene since Jimmy Carter.  He’s lost all support among Israelis, and according to some reports has been trying to craft an agreement to give up the Golan Heights to Syria as if that would please the diplomacy gods or somebody.  But back to Iran.


Iran has been proven to be supplying the bombs that are blowing up Iraqi buildings, bridges and checkpoints, killing scores per week, including U.S. soldiers.  And yet nothing is being done to curtail Iran’s activities.  As long as this goes on, it’s hard to see how Iraq can ever be stabilized.


Iran is proven to be smuggling money and arms to the Taliban in Afghanistan.  Yet the U.S. installed government there denies it!  Business, it seems, cannot be done on top of the table in this part of the world.  Everything with these people and their religion is treachery and deceit.


And now, Russia is supplying Iran the nuclear fuel it has waited on for so long.  Putin reportedly made the decision in reprisal for the defensive missile systems the U.S. plans to install in Eastern Europe.  But that’s a whole other subject.  That begins to bring up the subject of the coming nuclear Iran, and that would just be too depressing to include in this maddening little article.


Death to Israel, and the defeat of all things American have become the central tenet, the most cherished doctrine, and the hallmark of the “religion of peace.”  Spare us the religious weirdoes.  Islamic and otherwise!

Mark Armstrong

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Left: Mahmoud-Abbas, President of Palestinian National Authority
Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of Israel
Ahmadinejad, President of Iran
Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation

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