Protestant Churches Accept Papal Authority
by  Michael Burkert

By now, most nominally Christian people around the world are aware that the Roman Catholic Church has “taken off the gloves” regarding the decades old facade of ecumenicalism.  As of this writing, the so-called “ecumenical movement” appears to be at an end.  Why?  What changed the Pope’s mind?  Was it something that the nominal Christians did that somehow caused Benedict to change his mind and back away from the dialogue that was so cherished by so many Protestants?


Remember that the church of Rome will always believe in the Athanasian Creed which clearly states that in order for anyone to obtain salvation they must first of all hold the Catholic faith.  This is a cornerstone doctrine of the church of Rome.  It always was (since the creed was drafted) and it always will be. 


Does anyone think for a moment that Benedict or any Pope for that matter would concede to any branch of Protestant Christian church organizations having the ability to “save souls”?  Not a chance!  This Pope as well as any and all of them firmly believes that nobody can get to Heaven if they aren’t of the Roman Catholic faith.


The main reason that the church of Rome claims superiority is that the Protestant churches, all three or four hundred of them, deny the primacy of the Pope.  The Vatican concedes that some of the non-catholic church organizations hold some of the proper doctrines and beliefs, yet without recognizing the Pope as the ONLY LEADER of Christianity, all are lost souls.  Catholics view the belief that the Pope is the “Vicar of Christ” most seriously.


Benedict is desirous of reasserting the primacy of the church of Rome throughout Christendom.  He is well aware of the seemingly waning of Catholicism and is cognizant of why the church has experienced a “falling away” of many members and clergy.  Benedict is determined to halt the hemorrhaging of tithe paying Catholics and create a situation where people will come to church and support their local parish.


In the mind of Joseph Ratzinger, (Pope Benedict XVI), the apostolic succession is an important key to identifying the ONLY sister church.  There is but one denomination that can trace its origins back to Peter mistakenly thought to have been the first Pope.  That church separated from the church of Rome many centuries ago. 


In the view of the Vatican, the ONLY church organization that fits the apostolic criteria is the EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH.  It certainly is not the Methodists, the Baptists or the Mormons, to use a few examples of well-known nominally Christian church organizations.  


Cardinal William Levada, Benedict’s hand picked successor to head the “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” (formerly known as the Office of the Inquisition), has made it perfectly clear that the word “ecumenical” MEANS MOVEMENT TOWARD THE ROMAN CHURCH’S POINT OF VIEW, BY OTHERS!  Essentially, there is to be no compromise with the basics of catholic principles, doctrines or beliefs.  Catholic beliefs are simply non-negotiable.


If there is to be any reunification with the “mother church,” the concessions required to accommodate such a reunion, will NOT come from the Vatican.  But then, why should they?


Already, the nominally Christian churches of this world acknowledge the authority of the Pope and the church of Rome.  You don’t believe me?  You think I’m full of applesauce?  If so, then explain WHY the so-called Christian churches of the world take for granted hundreds if not thousands of ROMAN CATHOLIC DOCTRINES AND BELIEFS?


You need to know that most, if not all of the beliefs and doctrines held dear to the heart of the Protestant churches come directly to you by way of the church of Rome.


You can read your Bible, from cover to cover and NEVER find any verse that directs Christians to observe SUNDAY as a day of worship.  Quite the contrary.  The Bible repeatedly says to observe the SABBATH.  Sabbath is a derivative word from the Hebrew “Shabbat,” which means SEVENTH.  The seventh day of the week, (even back in ancient times) is SATURDAY, not Sunday.  Yet MILLIONS believe that they should observe Sunday.  They believe this because the Roman Catholic Church says so!  [see Catholic and Protestant Confessions About Sunday]


The traditional Christian holidays of Christmas, Good Friday and Easter are not found anywhere in your Bible.  None of the old patriarchs observed any of the so-called Christian holidays.  Jesus certainly never observed any of them, nor did His disciples.  The Bible clearly states that Jesus and the disciples observed the Holy Days described in Old Testament Scriptures.  After all, the Old Testament was all they had.  The New Testament was not written until long after Jesus’ death and resurrection. 


There again, the protestant churches, all recognize the authority of the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church, each and every Sunday morning; and while observing every “Christian holiday,” none of which are ever mentioned in your Bible.  You disagree? 


What about the belief in the TRINITY, or the IMMORTAL SOUL?  These are cornerstones of Catholic doctrine, yet are taken as “gospel” by the vast majority of Protestants.  The authority of the Pope is certainly not challenged by MILLIONS of professing Protestants who willfully submit to the authority of the Pope in these regards, despite the FACT that none of these doctrines are based in Scripture.  They are all the invention of the Roman Church.


So many MILLIONS of people have been deceived into believing in the authority of the Pope that in the final years it will be seemingly easy to reunite with the “mother church.”  So much compromise with the church of Rome has already been made, even if unwittingly, that the final reunion predicted in Scripture will occur with little difficulty.  Since so many already accept PAPAL AUTHORITY in so many aspects of their faith, most will eventually acquiesce entirely to the Vatican.  


Bible prophecy indicates that the question of church authority in the Protestant world will soon be solved by the arrival of a charismatic and influential church leader, most likely a Pope, not yet on the scene but prophesied to appear soon.  This church leader will support the final revival of the Roman Empire in Europe.  He will claim to do it for “world peace, the good of the people, and IN THE NAME OF JESUS.”


The Protestant churches will line up to reunite with the “mother church.” Seemingly, the authority of the Pope over all of Christendom will be decided once and for all. The TRUE CHURCH OF GOD WILL NEVER CONCEDE TO THE AUTHORITY OF ANY MAN OVER THAT OF JESUS CHRIST.  Some who refuse to pledge their allegiance to the church will pay a terrible price for their intransigence. 


The final revival of the Roman Empire will consist of a 10 “king” coalition centered in Europe.  Most likely, it will be ruled from Berlin and initially, Rome.  Both the books of Daniel and Revelation indicate what will happen at the end time regarding the state of human government on earth.  


There is a coming time of false Christian unity and although MILLIONS of deceived people will voluntarily join ranks with the church of Rome, many others will not.  They will be persecuted and victimized by a renewed “inquisition.”  Some will be spared martyrdom as God can and will protect any and all He so chooses to protect.


Apparently, the elders of the church of Rome fully understand the appropriate scriptures that indicate a return of wayward “daughters” who will one day return to the “mother church.”   In the meantime, why should the Vatican compromise on any doctrine or principle?  Clearly, they will not do so, regardless of ecumenicalism


True Christian unity will only come about when Jesus returns to this earth and establishes the KINGDOM OF GOD.  With His many angels and resurrected spirit beings, Jesus will rule this world with a ROD OF IRON.  Finally, the issue of CHURCH AUTHORITY and WORLD GOVERNMENT will be solved.  There will be no question whatsoever as to who’s in charge, once the KINGDOM OF GOD is established and begins to rebuild the wreckage of the world left behind by a satanically inspired and deceived human race.    


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