The Power Behind the Throne

by Michael Burkert


Recently, a renowned television “evangelist” made comments regarding the Beast power of Revelation that I found so outrageous, I caught myself hollering at the TV set.  How could this self-proclaimed “holy man” misread the Bible in such a manner and how could he proclaim his myths and idiocy to the nation over a network that claims to be a “Christian” Broadcasting Network?


I’m not going to elaborate on this gentleman’s ignorance of the Bible.  I can’t help him with that.  I have learned, much to my chagrin, that it’s impossible to even reason with a non-believer when it comes to such issues as the Trinity, Christmas, Easter and other non-Scriptural doctrines and practices.  The issue of the Beast power is no exception.


I can tell you this however, and you might not want to hear what I have to say on the subject.  In regard to the BEAST POWER, revealed to us by Jesus Christ through the Apostle John, the Roman Catholic Church is not the BEAST POWER!


Unless you lived there and could view Europe from a biblical perspective, as revealed in numerous Scriptures, the average person simply would not even begin to realize that we are on the verge of the seventh and FINAL rendition of the so-called "Holy" Roman Empire. Sadly, the world doesn’t have a clue as to what is coming.  Throughout most of continental Europe, there is a grand movement for complete unity of ALL continental European nations.  One of the major players in this effort to unify all of continental Europe is none other than Josef Ratzinger, also known as pope Benedict XVI.


Most people have absolutely NO IDEA as to the significance of Josef Ratzinger’s elevation to the papal throne.  Ratzinger becoming pope is the most significant event in Europe since the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and the end of communism in Europe!  I witnessed it for myself during the years I lived in Germany and particularly when Ratzinger visited Germany during the summer of 2005.  It was an awesome event.


Ratzinger’s papacy will set the stage for a revised union of the church of Rome and a strong central government in a UNITED EUROPE ruled by a STRONG AND POWERFUL DICTATOR.


Although the Bible certainly does not indicate that the final pope will be the "emperor" of this revived Holy Roman Empire; it does show that he will be the "power behind the throne." As God carefully indicates to us in Revelation 13:15, the coming false prophet "causes" those who will not worship this system "to be killed."


According to prophecy, in the not too distant future, the false prophet will use POLICE POWERS, vested in him by the UNION of nations in Europe, to force his will, doctrines, beliefs and practices on the entire western world!


During the Third Reich nightmare in Germany, the Vatican and the Nazis were united by a Concordat agreed to and put into practice early on by papal diplomats and the government of Nazi Germany.  Adolf Hitler, born and raised a Catholic and educated by Jesuit priests KNEW that the Church of Rome was the cement which would ultimately bind together the united Europe he was attempting to build through the force of arms.  Every Catholic Church in Germany featured a portrait of the pope and Führer from 1934 until 1945!    


Do you remember the “knock in the middle of the night”?  A mother or father was dragged away by the GESTAPO for having uttered a “politically incorrect” comment about some Nazi official.  The comment, was dutifully reported by a son or daughter.  The same happens in Cuba today.  An off-the-cuff remark and the secret police are there to take you away!  Do you really think that this type of horror can’t happen again in Europe?  YOU WOULD BE WRONG if you assume that this can never occur again!


The Book of Revelation is very revealing regarding what is going to happen and soon. Let’s look at what your Bible says on the subject of who’s behind the Beast power.   The Eternal God through Jesus Christ reveals to us in a clear description of how the woman “rides the Beast.”  As scripture illustrates, the false teachings of this fallen “woman” have encompassed the entire world.   The symbol of a “woman” refers to a great “church.”


These false teachings are today BLINDING so many MILLIONS of nominal Christians with erroneous and false pagan beliefs not found anywhere in Scripture, nor practiced at any time by either Jesus or His Disciples.  Yet untold millions have died in the past for holding to the TRUTH of the Bible and REJECTING false teachings of the fallen “woman.”   The instrument of DEATH used by this church was the INQUISITION.  We will see that “instrument” put to use again.


John wrote in Revelation 12:9, "So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the devil and Satan, who deceives the WHOLE WORLD; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him."


Sincere nominal Christians and even TV “evangelists” have become SPIRITUALLY DRUNK by the paganism and falsities of the church of Rome!  Revelation 17:2 states:  "The inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication."


Despite the recent successes of the “surge” in Iraq, the United States and Great Britain will, most likely NOT win the WORLD WAR WITH ISLAM.  We simply don’t have the national resolve to see the war through to victory.  Decades of liberal socialist activism have enabled dark forces to overcome reason and reality.  Liberal socialists are so well entrenched in both our societies that no president or prime minister; no congress or parliament can ever reverse the irreparable damage already done.  


Europe however, is an entirely different story. Even now, behind the scenes and in the quiet cloakrooms of the European Union, the church of Rome is working toward the ultimate defense of Europe against the Muslim invader.  The pope is fully aware of the threat that Islam will soon impose on Catholic Europe.  The current Islamic threat is only the latest to threaten the church of Rome.  Your Bible gives a clear indication as to who will prevail.  It won’t be the Islamics! 


Due to the threat of Islam, the church of Rome will urge the governments of Europe to unite against a common enemy.  This is most likely HOW the Beast of Revelation will consolidate his dictatorship with the 10-nations or groups of nations VOLUNTARILY ceding their national sovereignty to a single DICTATOR.  They will have little choice in the matter.  Europe will “get two for the price of one.”  As a result of national weakness and the ever-present threat of encroaching Islam, coupled with an EXTERNAL hostile Islamic threat the 10 selected nations of Europe will quickly succumb to a single dictator backed-up by papal authority!


The 2008 elections will very likely rock the United States to its core!  If the voters elect a “weak on national defense” President and return a deceived, hostile to national defense congress, there will be no alternative but for the Europeans to step up to the plate and resolve once and for all, the World War with Islam.


The 2008 election will clearly be all about the conflict with Islam, the security of our national borders and taxes.  A new President and Congress can literally break the nation through misguided legislation, lack of will and the investment in defeat of our efforts to contain Islamic terrorists. 


Regardless of what the catalyst is, the POWER BEHIND THE THRONE will have her day once again.  You need to know this and prepare for it.  Many will fall away in the not too distant future.  Nominal Christians by the droves will “accept” the primacy of the pope.  Once the pressure is applied and it won’t take much, their leaders will quickly acquiesce to the demands of the church.  Under threat of another INQUISITION, most will find that obeying the Pope isn’t so difficult after all.   

Yet literally MILLIONS of men, women and children will fall victim to the renewed inquisition and will suffer immensely as the GREAT TRIBULATION unfolds.  The world will see a bloodlust that will make the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis, as well as the GULAGS imposed on millions by the Communists, seem tame in comparison.


Satan’s deceptions never cease.  Yet the day is coming when he and his MILLIONS of demonic followers will be “cast into the bottomless pit.”  Satan’s days on this earth are numbered and he knows it.  Yet he too, will have his day before he is finally put down forever. 


Remember the words of Jesus Christ when He instructed us in Luke 21:36:


“Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."


Clearly, trying times lie ahead for all of us.  Shortly, the world will watch in awe as either Pope Benedict, or his successor establishes the papacy as the POWER BEHIND THE THRONE of Europe, and move to counter the Islamic threat.

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