Conspiracy or Truth
by Jim Josephsen

            A recent poll (Scripps Howard News Service/Ohio University) illustrates that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe federal officials had information pertaining to the likelihood of possible terrorist attacks but chose to ignore the very warnings signaled by Islamic radicals prior to the 9/11. The implications of such a belief are mind boggling. Could it be possible that government officials would have allowed for successful enemy attacks on hundreds of American citizens? Or is this speculation, the stuff of conspiracy theorists?


Could such a conspiracy be factual? Whether or not an actuality, the truth of the matter is attacks occurred and continue, all at the hands of a virulent and sinister enemy; an extremely dedicated group of radicals within the Muslim world.


            Other surveys and polls reveal that approximately one-third of Americans at any time believe in any one of the smorgasbord of conspiracy theories which are advanced across this country. Conspiracy theories abound, many found in various insightful publications located on reputable bookstore shelves while others are found in and amongst the glut of internet Websites.


            As is becoming common, Americans are growing ever increasingly disaffected toward government and distrustful of the current administration. The battle rages within this country as to the efficacy [effectiveness] of the Iraqi invasion and subsequent military actions. Demonstrations are frequent, commentary and political debate seems never ending, opinions endless. Naively, a vast majority of everyday Americans are convinced that this war is nothing more than a quest for territory and oil. Conspiracy theories flourish adding to the distrust.


            While there is an awareness of radical Islamic groups devoted to nothing more than the complete annihilation of the great Satan, the United States of America, more Americans are convinced that diplomacy and political niceties will bring about peace among Islamic nations and Western countries. Many Americans are ignorantly deceived, believing that the radical, militant jihadist groups are in the minority and are active today only because of the arrogance and expansionist’s policies of the US. If America behaves itself, many speculate, the Islamic radicals will go away.


Within our country, a resolve is emerging; initiated within America’s institutes of higher learning that within Iran, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and most Arab nations there are ever-growing factions of peace-minded, liberal moderns who promote and want peace between the Arab nations and the Western world including the United States.


Recently, Iranian media has strongly criticized Ahmadinejad's nuclear posturing and hard-line stance against the West. This opposition is seen as a clear message against that radical establishment and by using reason and diplomacy, cooler heads will prevail and peace will persist; war and destruction need not result.


The world at large and the United States of America in particular have forever been changed since September 11th, 2001. The enemy has the ability to strike at any time, at any place. The Western World is at war with militant Islam and is leery of Islamic supporting nations. Saber rattling affects politicians and national economies.


These realities are obvious, apparent and explicit. Additionally, radical Islam has an agenda and total victory against the United States, Israel, Christianity, the Western world is their objective.


Still by the millions, Americans are tired of the war; yet how few sacrifice for the cause. Disillusioned by the last five years of suffering and loss, Americans want an end to it all and want peace to be achieved by diplomatic means. Americans want a leader who will bring the troops home and talk of peace.


Recently, while on-board Air Force One, President Bush offered insight supporting the fact that for peace to be possible more than talk is necessary. President Bush remains focused on his mission to “build a foundation of freedom” in the Middle East. President Bush stated that he won’t relent on his conviction that security and peace here at home depends on creating democracy and stability in the Middle East. Without divulging the daily intelligence he hears, President Bush is quick to remind Americans that support of military objectives is crucial not only for the future of our nation but for the stabilization of the Arab world.


There is a clear fight against Islamic extremists and radicals.  While the objective President Bush pursues is a stabilized democratic Arab world, the radical Islamic world is at war with Western societies and a complete victory over the United States is among their objectives.


As one of those who are versed in the history and objectives of militant Islam, President Bush is aware of the conflict from Islamic militants’ perspective. Islam looks at the world and the concepts relevant to life differently than does the average American. Consider this concept. The world of Islam understands that “Americans have watches, but true believers have time.” 


Quite a curious statement, but packed with meaning. To defeat the enemy, America needs to understand the world as the enemy does, Americans needs to think as the enemy thinks, to understand the language and culture, the mind of the enemy.


While Americans live with a mindset of “do it now,” “fast-food,” “instant gratification,” “I can’t wait that long” mentality, the Islamic world knows time is an element of life that works for you, that shouldn’t be rushed. Five years, ten years is a small passage of time when the objectives are purposed and the rewards are clear. If the objective is the destruction of the materialistic, self-promoting, self-serving America, five or ten years are but a moment in time.


For Americans, five years of war is “like forever” and a waste of time, a waste of resources and to many Americans, probably a result of conspiracy. Americans don’t have time to waste on a war they don’t want, with an enemy they don’t understand and quite frankly could care less about, in spite of the facade of political correctness, geo-political sensitivity and a tolerance of ethnic diversity.


Americans do not understand the mentality of the enemy they face, an enemy who will never relent. Interestingly, this is exactly what the Eternal God said would occur to His people in the end time, just before the Tribulation and the return of Jesus Christ. What the intelligence reports inform President Bush of regarding the character of radical Islam is precisely what God said would be extant in the end time – an enemy that thinks and acts radically different than the way Americans do. Americans will not understand the enemy that God said He will send against them.


Why would God send an enemy against this beloved country and why is radical Islam at the center stage of our struggles today? Because prophecy is being fulfilled.


Additionally, as a result of the national and collective sins; the personal, individual sins of the citizens of the United States as well as all those who comprise the modern-day Children of Israel, Jesus Christ will bring punishment upon these peoples and their lands. As He spoke to His prophets, He will send a nation which will attack and humble the Children of Israel, a people who are most blessed and have prospered as a result of the promises God made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; yet a people who are disobedient to and show disdain toward God Almighty, His laws, especially His Sabbath Day. From the book of Jeremiah we read that God will be the one who will wound His people with the wounds of an enemy and the chastisement of a cruel one (cf. Jeremiah 30:14).


Jeremiah also wrote for the end time “House of Israel and the House of Judah” (for additional information regarding the identities of the modern-day Houses of Israel and Judah see our publication Europe and America In Prophecy) stating:

For the house of Israel and the house of Judah have dealt very treacherously against me, saith the LORD. They have belied the LORD, and said, It is not he; neither shall evil come upon us; neither shall we see sword nor famine. –Jer 5:11-12


Millions of Americans live in their self-absorbed, me-only; everything will be OK, protectionist closet, believing all we have to do is give peace talks a chance. Blissfully unaware of the mentality of the enemy, of the dangers present, Americans feel no evil will come our way. Ironically, Americans are living out the very prophecies that were written thousands of years ago.


Notice what God declares will happen. “Lo, I will bring a nation upon you from far, O House of Israel; it is a mighty nation, it is an ancient nation, a nation whose language you don’t know, neither understands what they say. Their quiver is an open sepulcher, they are mighty men. They will eat up your harvest and thy bread, thy herds, thy vines and fig trees and they shall impoverish your protected cities wherein you trusted" (Jeremiah 5:15-17).


God predicted what would happen to His people as a result of their disobedience toward Him and their breaking of His laws. In Deuteronomy 28:48-52, we read what will happen to the end time House of Israel. Notice what will occur and compare these prophecies with the potential found among the enemy we face today, Islamic radical extremists.


“The Eternal shall bring a nation against you from far, as a swift eagle, a nation whose tongue you shall not understand, a nation of fierce countenance which shall not regard the person of the old or show favor to the young; and shall eat the fruit of your land until you be destroyed. He shall besiege you in all your land and all the protection in which you trusted shall fail you, he shall destroy.”


In the multitude of books written over the past five years dealing with terrorism and Islamic radicalism, the underlying theme is “it’s not a question of if we are attacked again here at home but when.” It is clearly documented that chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear dirty bombs, vials of anthrax, biological weapons can be placed within and used within our cities. Our borders are not safe, yet politicians turn their backs to the problem. The enemy is biding its time, knowing that restless Joe and Susie America do not want to waste their time thinking about the enemy, thinking about bad things that can happen. Americans are more concerned about self-satisfaction, entertainment and more pleasure pursuits.


Our national sins, our national disobedience to the one and only True God will result in swift destruction. God will send a nation to humble us, to empty us of our wealth and vanity, our arrogance and self-serving lusts and our false religions, multitudinous and varied as they are.  The United States is a nation that does not worship the One True God, its creator, benefactor and sustainer. Most Americans have little time for God; rather they have disdain for authority, both toward God and toward its government.


Americans would rather believe in conspiracies than the truth. Americans would rather believe in fantasy than reality. One pressing reality is we are at war with an enemy we don’t understand. Another pressing reality is that of God’s impending punishment to come upon His people, those who refuse to listen to and honor Him.


One truth of which our Commander in Chief is most naturally concerned about is that which the Bible predicts will happen in the end times. The Bible prophesies that a foreign nation; a nation which we will not understand will attack this country  and they will do so all in their good time, all with mind boggling consequences.  The devastation to come will leave Americans wondering why they ever entertained conspiracy theories and rhetoric of diplomacy while rejecting the truth of the Bible and not listening to God’s servants who are proclaiming His witness and warning of repentance and a way of protection from their enemy.

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