The Misappropriation of
 Herbert W. Armstrongís Name


            News came to me this week that is sickening. That is, that one of those claiming to have inherited ďthe authority of Herbert W. ArmstrongĒ has told his congregation that they should liquidate any holdings and send in their money.


          How many abuses will be committed in the name of my deceased Grandfather?  And how long will some poor abused people remain in a state of deception, or worse, mind control? 


          I realize that there is a lot of legitimate respect among the churches of God for Herbert W. Armstrong.  But honestly!  He was not a deity, and no one should be blindly obeying any men, ministers, or otherwise, who falsely claim his authority.  Yes, itís a touchy subject, and I realize that our reach is limited and that hundreds or thousands of people are going to be bilked out their familyís financial security because they donít have access to any source of truth on the subject.  And thatís a crime.


          My Dad spent the last thirty some odd years of his life trying to warn against following abusive, demanding, bogus religious leaders.  But itís still going on.  Do people think God will reward them, or at least hold them guiltless if they accept the bizarre demands and edicts of a religious authoritarian?  Garner Ted Armstrong was against it!  Iím sure neither my Grandfather nor my Dad ever expected the family name would be used by brazen unknown individuals to issue edicts and make abusive demands over peopleís personal lives. 


          No, I canít sum it all up here.  But under the circumstances, my mind is working overtime wondering how to discharge a responsibility to warn the unsuspecting ďmembersĒ of the dangers they face from the abusers of the Armstrong name.  Iím not asking anyone to leave one organization and join another. But Iím miserable knowing that my Granddadís legacy and my family name are being used to impoverish people.  Whatís next?  Coolaid!?! 


          Some of you may or may not even be interested in this subject.  Unfortunately,  I have to go on the record, and this is only the beginning.  But itís way past time people have access to the knowledge they need to see through the misuse of Herbert W. Armstrongís name.  Unfortunately, itís reached a stage that canít be ignored. 

Mark Armstrong