Hitler and Nazi Resurgence
will a successor to Hitler emerge in Europe?
by Chris Cumming

"Just as certainly as we restore Western Europe to economic prosperity, and then to military power, a successor to Hitler will emerge, gain control of this power through a 'United States of Europe,' which we [the United States government] are also encouraging, and we shall then wake up, too late, to realize we have restored our fascist enemy the power to destroy us! ... battlefields are becoming economic, just as we said they would ... the movement is ... forming toward complete political solidification!"

This warning was published by Garner Ted Armstrong forty-five years ago.  Is he accurate in his prediction?  Will a successor to Hitler emerge and gain control of power in the European Union?  Are events now unfolding that will lead to a resurrection and revival of fascist ideals and methods?  Is Hitler making a comeback?  Will European masses soon demand a strong, central leader who will lead them from their economic and social woes and establish what is already being called, The Fourth Reich?  How will it happen?

All one has to do to is read news stories coming out of Europe the last few years.  Here are just eight stories we have been monitoring:

Germany mulls over Nazi past
Adopt Nazi methods, says Italian councilor
Hitler Makes a Comeback
A Resurgence of Approval for Hitler's Politics
Hitler a Hero on Palestinian Authority Radio
How a modern fascination with Nazi evil fuels a thriving Hitler industry
Debating the Islamist-Nazi Connection

The Nazi Resurgence: So it seems Iran wants to recreate Hitler's Third Reich

Adolf Hitler, albeit one of the most evil and hated dictators of the twentieth century, remains an icon of a political system that brought its people and nation out of financial ruin and despair to power, world prestige and prosperity seemingly overnight.  As we published in the Plain Truth back in August of 1964, “Now the specter of a united Europe is suddenly looming up ... the United States is oblivious to this new threat to its power. When will we wake up and realize that what is shaping up in Europe is the revival of Fascism under the cloak of European unity?"

The Hitler Industry
Never, since World War II, have I seen such a fascination with all things Hitler.  This goes far beyond skinheads in Idaho or the modest inroads of the Neo-Nazi party in Germany.  The name and symbols of Hitler are seemingly everywhere and in proportions never before witnessed.

Amazon, the internet bookseller, offers 1,651 titles on Hitler.  There are thousands more where he is featured.
38,039 titles on Fascism.
10,573 titles on the Nazi Party; 6,545 on the Neo-Nazism.
171 titles on the resurgence of Fascism.
Mein Kampf released in paperback once again.
Hitler's Second Book: The Unpublished Sequel to Mein Kampf released in paperback.  Extensive review here
More than 130 movies on the subject of Hitler since WWII. Most made in the last ten years; many in the last five.
Autographed `Mein Kampf' Sells for $18,000 at Auction.
Original Hitler painting sells for $40,000 on Internet auction.
Hitler's world globe sells for $100,000.
Belgrade hotel offers rooms with portraits of twentieth century leaders.  The most coveted room is the one with portrait of Adolf Hitler.
A recent poll shows that 25 percent of Germans think that National Socialism under Hitler had positive aspects.
Germany mulls over Nazi past.
Hitler makes a comeback
Europe's modern Fascist
European Jewish leader warns against neo-Nazi phenomenon in Europe 
Film shows Germans not immune to return of Nazis
The rise of fascism in Austria 
Mein Kampf to be re-published
Germany's new breed of neo-Nazis pose a threat 
Fears Germany is losing its battle with neo-Nazi menace
The Rise of Fascism in the West 
Germany's interest in Adolf Hitler at record levels 
Hitler is 'back' - but did he ever leave? 
Ben Carson: Hitler is Coming 
Teachers call for Hitler’s Mein Kampf to be taught in German schools
Mein Kampf is a best-seller after decades of being restricted 
To Grab Attention, Germany’s Far Right Now Flirts With Hitler
'Hitler please come back': new Nazi controversy rocks troubled AfD


National Savior
In Peter Wyden's latest book, "The Hitler Virus: The Insidious Legacy of Adolf Hitler", he writes:

"The steady drift toward a populist Hitler renewal became noticeable in the early 1970's, first as a fad among the young, the generation that found in the Führer an appealing symbol, largely because he was taboo for parents and grandparents and therefore made to measure as a rallying cry for a traditional revolt of young against old.

"Teachers in the Munich schools reported that more and more teenagers were sewing swastikas onto their jeans; telling demeaning jokes about Jews; greeting each other with a cheery 'Heil Hitler!'; and generally adopting the Führer as their idol.

Under Hitler we wouldn't be seeing any terrorists.”

I would not be surprised to see an increased demand for a strong leader to come forth to stop the terrorism in Europe.  Add to this the growing unrest with the Muslim immigration problems all nations in Europe are having, especially with the Muslim refusal to integrate into traditional European society.

In the summer of 1979, Mr. Armstrong wrote, "Hitler imagined a 'Thousand-year Reich' with himself ... at the pinnacle of power, and dreamed of a millennial reign of 'German Supermen' over the world, as if he applied these prophecies [of a coming "Messiah"] to himself. This new leader of a united Europe, who will probably be a German, will attempt to fulfill the very same dream.”

Europe is quickly realizing that the huge influx of Muslims into the EU does not share the same dreams and goals as they and in fact, are a counter-threat to them.  As our own staff writer, Michael Burkert, stated in his commentary, "
Europe's Tolerance May Soon End":

 "In the past 40 years or so, nearly 20 million Muslims from Turkey, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Morocco, Libya or wherever, have flocked to Western Europe.  However, they never came to become Europeans.  Millions came to Europe to ‘spread Islam.’  Accordingly, Europe has an enormous problem with millions of unassimilated Arabs, Turks, Persians and other Muslims WHO WILL ALWAYS BE MUSLIMS FIRST AND FOREMOST, AND WILL NEVER BE EUROPEANS.” 

I predict that as the intolerance grows so will the demand for a strong, central leader to take care of the problem.

Fascist Law-Making
In a news report, “
Adopt Nazi methods, says Italian councilor published in December of 2007, Peter Popham writes"

"If an immigrant commits a crime against an Italian, ten immigrants should be punished for it, following the method used in Nazi concentration camps: this is the recipe for racial harmony advanced by Giorgio Bettio, a town councilor in Treviso, near Venice.

"The theme raised so viciously by Mr. Bettio – of treating foreigners in Italy with special harshness – was yesterday on the way to being enshrined in the statute book. One month ago a 'decree law' or diktat authorizing the expulsion without trial of EU citizens who are a threat to public security was rushed into law after the murder of an Italian woman, allegedly by a Roma man. Yesterday in the Senate they debated transforming the diktat into a regular law, and an attempt by left-wing members of the ruling coalition to send the law back to the committee stage was defeated by the Opposition. Soon it will be the law of the land, though Prime Minister Romano Prodi, who supports the new law, cautions that it should not result in mass expulsions."

A “diktat” is a harsh, unilaterally imposed settlement with a defeated party.  In this case, the defeated parties are those currently immigrating to the EU.  Despite Prime Minister Prodi’s caution, this law could be used for the predicted mass expulsion of Muslim immigrants.  In other words, the laws are already being set in place for a strong leader.

From the booklet, “
Mark of the Beast---What is It? ”, Mr. Armstrong writes:

The coming…dictator of a United States of Europe, will be hailed as a "deliverer"; he will be worshiped! History proves that many women fainted at the sight of Adolf Hitler during one of his parades!...
It will happen again!


Breaking News Stories
Go here for the latest news stories on this subject. –news stories added 7 March 2017

Further reading:
The Beast Reawakens: Fascism's Resurgence from Hitler's Spymasters to Today's Neo-Nazi Groups and Right-Wing Extremists  by Martin A. Lee   Read introduction here  Read table of contents here.

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Quote by Garner Ted Armstrong:
"(Germany's) natural tendency is to look for a powerful, magnetic, inspiring LEADER; a "Fuhrer," who will rise up like a Bismarck or a Hitler, and lead them to their perceived rightful place—the pinnacle of power over all Europe, and eventually the world." –[21st Century Watch-vol 4, no 1]

Excerpt from our News Commentary, The Arafat Legacy:
"Yasser Arafat grew to adulthood, a convinced Nazi.  To his death, he continued to hold Hitler in high esteem, and believed that National Socialism was the perfect form of government for the Arab world.  Why not?  National Socialism professes HATRED for the Jews, and promotes a 'leader cult' so enjoyed by Arafat during the majority of his worthless life."

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