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As if his legacy weren’t disastrous enough: As if the Arab – Israeli peace process wasn’t shambles enough our intrepid ex-president has inserted himself into the equation, generating a slew of headlines all along the way.  Jimmy Carter is conducting his own personally choreographed shuttle diplomacy, publicly fraternizing with individuals the State Department deems to be active in the conduct of terrorism.  But this shuttle runs almost exclusively between terrorist entities that Carter believes deserve his endorsement and credibility. 


            America was humiliated in the Middle East during the Carter presidency, in many ways and for a host of reasons.  A recent op-ed piece in the Jerusalem post called president Carter the “father of the Islamic revolution,” and laid out a compelling case which included Carter’s disdain for the Shah and his sympathy for the Ayatollah.  How can a man who has played such an historically pivotal role in the ridiculous conundrum we face today, purport that his friendship with Hamas is the solution?


            The upshot of the discussion in Washington points out that Carter’s ability to wage these expensive, near-treasonous expeditions is financed by U.S. taxpayers, courtesy of the very federal government he’s out busily undermining.  A move is currently underway in Congress to circumvent future federal funding for the Carter Foundation.  The Congress-lady from North Carolina has gone so far as to urge the State Department to revoke Carter’s passport.  Can you imagine the ignominy?  Still, it wouldn’t even deserve mention alongside the real, obvious damage this man has done to Israel and the United States in the name of human rights


            And you know, those terrorists are all about human rights!


            Carter was scammed by Arafat, and he knows it.  Yet he continues to pursue the same folly that plunged the world headlong into the Islamic crisis.  Carter claims that Hamas is prepared to pledge a 10-year truce with Israel if East Jerusalem is turned over to their control.  Every truce and every internationally sponsored and sanctioned agreement, including those that Carter himself brokered, has been broken.   In an apparent attempt to try to validate his Nobel Prize, Carter apparently thinks that even more radical elements within the terrorist community can be trusted to make peace.  It’s nothing short of bizarre.

Mark Armstrong

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