Economic Meltdown
Averted or Just Delayed?

Has an economic meltdown been averted, or just delayed? Will it happen anyway?

Analogies and metaphors are all over the airwaves and print media, used as ways to illustrate the seriousness of the risks facing “the economic infrastructure” of the United States.

“Circling the drain” is purportedly the term for the American economy used by Treasury Secretary Paulson in a private meeting with Fed and Administration officials. “Teetering on the brink” of disaster is another term pundits have employed. The U.S. financial system was just 500 trades away from “Armageddon” according to an article we linked here at As to the posturing in Congress on the $700 billion “bailout” proposal, one pundit said it is as if the whole house is on fire, and the politicians are arguing about which door they should use to get out.

Opinions are all over the map as to whether there should be a bailout, or whether it will only represent a temporary respite from the inevitable. Will the politicians, lobbyists and lawyers find ways to divert the funds toward their own interests? Can anyone or any group be trusted to equitably administer such a gigantic sum of money?

One man who has proven to be a true patriot over the decades made a statement that bears consideration. Newt Gingrich, appearing on Fox News was asked whether the $700 billion bailout plan was “catastrophic” in and of itself. He said, “Yes, I think it’s a disaster. I think it’s going to lead to 20 years of political corruption, lobbying influence and bureaucratic micro-management of the finance sector. I mean, my advice to the president would be bring in the people who advised Ronald Reagan, put them around a table and ask them how to fix this. But do not go with this Wall Street based monstrosity.”

Is it true that credit markets were about to lock up completely? That is what top officials in the Treasury Dept. and the Federal Reserve are telling us. The economy would have come to a grinding halt with no more credit being extended for houses, cars, or even routine credit purchases. Whether or not we believe the doomsday characterizations is irrelevant. They made a believer of President Bush, and many in the House and Senate as well.

As the Federal Government has intervened on behalf of a growing list of icons in the American financial community, we’ve heard again and again that this or that bank, investment firm or insurance company was “too big to fail.” With the Government taking financial responsibility for incomprehensible sums of bad debt and laying it on the shoulders of taxpayers for generations to come the ultimate question becomes, is the United States of America too big to fail?

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon is calling for “global leadership” in addressing the economic crisis, concerned that UN goals for poverty funds may not be met. Europe is reacting with disdain toward the U.S., likening America to Albania and generally gloating over the economic panic. Just prior to the President’s statement calling for Government intervention, an article appeared in the German Der Spiegel which says, “In fact, it really does look as if the foundations of U.S. capitalism have shattered.” Let’s hope that’s just wishful thinking on behalf of some across the pond.

Garner Ted Armstrong expected that one of the major factors that would bring about the ten-nation coalition described by Bible prophecy, as the “beast” power would be worldwide economic collapse. We may not have long to wait before we find out whether or not he was on to something.

Mark Armstrong

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