Change is Coming to America
By Jim Josephsen

Change you can believe in was the rallying cry. Change, like never before is coming to America.

The campaign is over, the lot has been cast, and the people have spoken. Looking at the blue and the red states, analyzing the numbers, reveals a divided America. Interestingly, a new generation, a younger generation has arisen demanding a new way of thinking. The ideology and educational values of the past forty years, having taken root have come to fruition, and like it or not, America will be forever changed. Bold new initiatives are demanded and will be undertaken. A new approach toward governing America will commence.

America has a new Commander in Chief, President Elect Barak Obama. His way of thinking, his political beliefs, his ideology and education, his economic strategies, style of governance and philosophy, his rhetoric has convinced 52% of Americans (the popular vote) that he is the right man, that his direction is the right track to take for the next four years (at least). History is in the making!

A brief survey of Americans will produce a myriad of reactions. Many will tell you what they think, mincing no words. There is a dark side of America that will remain dark, foreboding, stalwart, rough, bigoted and opinionated. Many Americans are stupefied, not sure what to believe at this decisive moment in America’s history. With all the uproar, the talk show late night tirades exposing the past associations of our President Elect, just how could America vote the way it did?

There are many who will only care that their 401k is safeguarded, their taxes do not go too high. Many hope that life in America gets back to the prosperity of the late 80s, early 90s. Redistribution of wealth – why not? Many Americans will continue to flounder, to live life in service to themselves, no matter what the political atmosphere, no matter the schisms within our country.

Still even more Americans are euphoric, feeling liberated, emotional; feeling a sense of elation, sensing a brand new day has come to America. A new generation, a high tech generation is excited because new blood will now lead this country. Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Whites, women, young, liberals, moderates, gays, straight, this melting pot America is anxious for the changes that are promised by the President Elect.

The reaction of the general media avails a sense of reassurance, hope, cooperation, and peace ahead for America. Is it possible that good things will come in the next four years? Out with the old regime, the distrusted, disappointing party characterized as chumming up to big business, causing distress for the disenfranchised, perceived as heavy on morals, quick to pull the trigger.

Now a new, liberal, inclusive genre will head this country. What lies ahead for this nation on the North American Continent? What lies ahead in our relationships with other nations; with the new European Union, Russia, the Middle East, Iran, Israel, China, and North Korea? Already World Leaders are congratulating Obama, eager to work with him.

The new Administration will face challenges and trials that will rock this country. Our enemies are the same, with the same agendas. The economy is still teetering on collapse. Wall Street and our financial institutions are still a burden. Global markets are one catastrophe away from depression.

The march of biblical prophecy still pushes ahead. The events destined for the modern day children of Israel, for America in particular, the result of their unrighteous behavior, will still unfold. Jacob’s trouble, a time as never before in the history of the world will still become a reality. Simply, because a new political party will soon guide this country, does not mean the Word of God is now of none effect.

To the contrary, our nation is still headed down the path to destruction because the people have not changed. Within this country is still social decay, crime, immorality, depravity. The godless behavior, the unrighteousness that was prevalent yesterday is still with us today.

Within America’s cities, rural communities and towns is behavior that is deplorable and an affront to Jesus Christ. From the personal choices made within the privacy of American homes, to the decadence of Hollywood, open and in full view, what has changed? Although considered a good, charitable, religious nation, America’s citizenry falls woefully short in measuring up to the right way of living God requires.

Mainstream Christianity within America, especially among the Evangelical movement lifted up a loud voice to the very day of the election. In churches, on websites, in radio ads, the cry went out to pray hard that God would cause McCain and Palin to win the election. No doubt, the prayers of thousands of Democrats who faithfully go to church every Sunday went up to the heavens asking victory to come for Obama and Biden.

Was God interested in the outcome of this election? Did He hear the prayers of the Democrats this time?

If God is instrumental in setting up the leadership of our nation, then, has He spoken? Is the right man in this time? On the other hand, could we conclude, that just as God allowed Saul, the Benjamite to be Israel’s first king, so God’s will is being filled with the election of Barak Obama?

If the people, having spoken, want this man (or any man) to rule over them instead of a man under the guidance of, and obedient to God, is God now allowing their will to be done? If this is what America wants, this is what God will give them.

Ultimately, the will, plan, and purposes of God will be fulfilled. Jesus Christ will come to this earth a second time to set up the Kingdom of God, to rule this earth with a rod of iron; to set it straight in righteousness for the good of the people. America will learn that God is God and He exists. He comes first, and He is the rewarder of those who faithfully worship and obey Him. Americans, as with all humanity, will learn who the true God is and why He created man. This nation will learn God has established laws which produce good, wholesome, healthy and right living.

Regardless of who the leader, the actual person at the helm is, whether a Republican or a Democrat, there is behavior practiced in this country, which will lead to its fall.

What the Intercontinental Church of God and the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association have been plainly and faithfully teaching; what Garner Ted Armstrong and Herbert Armstrong before him have been preaching for over the past seven decades, is the truth from the Word of God and will all come to pass. The prophecies found in God’s Word will come to pass. Change indeed is coming to America and America will not like it. The change ahead will not come from any political party – it will come from God as He promised! Time and again, God declares that He will bring distress on His people because of their disobedience.

The consequences of sin and disobedience; of disrespect and disregard for God and for Jesus Christ and their pure words of truth, will come to pass, regardless of who leads the nation. No doubt, there are bold new initiatives ahead for this country but what will these changes produce?

There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is the way of death (Proverbs 14:12). This proverb in principle and in practice holds true for man’s ways of governance, even for the government of the United States. Any government not guided by the Laws of God; any nation without worship of and acknowledgement of the one true God, is a government destined to fail.

This nation, with its religions (predominately claiming to be a Christian nation – but blatantly disobedient to God) and its government has a hard road ahead.

The rally cry was change you can believe in. The new administration no doubt will promote new initiatives, new changes, some of which may very well work, for the moment. The scripture informs us that in the end time, prior to Christ’s return, there will be peace. But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I should write to you. For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night. For when they say, Peace and safety, then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape (I Thessalonians 5:1-3).

Regardless of the new direction promoted by either Democrat or Republican, regardless of the new changes to come, unless the people repent the outcome is bleak. Unless this country, with its religions, its many Christian (and all other) houses of worship, its institutions, its government repents of its God-defying disobedience, its disrespect of God, its breaking of His Sabbath day and His laws, then there will indeed come a change to America. But that change will be for the worse. The real change to come will overtake America, all because the people are unrepentant; all because the people think a Politician can solve this nation’s problems.


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