Radical Islam Attacks
Targets India, Israel, UK, America
And the worship of God
No words in any language are strong enough to adequately deplore and condemn the indiscriminant slaughter being committed on innocent civilians, tourists and hapless bystanders in the iconic, historic center of finance and trade in Mumbai, (formerly Bombay) IndiaGreat Britain’s history and role in the development the city symbolizes is an obvious factor in the terrorists’ targeting of this location. 
Analysts throughout the media are proclaiming the deep significance of the attack on India/Pakistan relations, which were improving amid recent diplomatic achievements.  But there is also an underlying religious bitterness between Hindus and Moslems that predates Pakistan’s inception, and is in fact the very reason the territory was ceded as a Moslem homeland in 1947 when India gained independence. Now Moslem terrorists have mounted vicious attacks on peaceful civilian targets to undermine strides toward peace between India and Pakistan, and to strike fear into the heart of the civilized world.  Radical Islamic extremist groups are seen to be undermining the prospects for peace on the diplomatic level, and  “sending messages” to the West in the execution of this sickening action.
We cannot help but mourn the human toll of those victims of gunfire and explosive blasts, and the agony of their loved ones.  We can’t imagine the horror perpetrated against and experienced by those held hostage and killed.  Everyone now knows of the little two-year old boy who was rushed to safety as his young mother and father were murdered in the attack on the Jewish Community Center in Mumbai.  There will be countless other wrenching personal stories emerging from the attack dubbed “India’s 9-11.”   At this writing, some 150 are known dead, hundreds wounded, and the situation still fluid.
Those who seek to establish a world dominated by militant Islam have employed these tactics of targeted slaughter and destruction successfully in the recent past.  The outcome of a national election was reversed in Spain following the attacks on Madrid in 2004.  We’ve also learned, to our chagrin, that Islamic terror plots are laden with multifaceted symbolism. 
This wretched crime against the civilized world is not just about India and Pakistan, both of which are nuclear powers.  It is a highly symbolic attack against America and Britain, as the murderers actively sought out our citizens.  They symbolically attacked Israel, as evidenced by the raid on the Jewish Community Center said to be popular with Israeli tourists and backpackers. It was also an attack on, and an insult to our worship of God.
As we Americans pause from work and gather with family to give thanks for the fantastic blessings of freedom and prosperity, our senses are assaulted by scenes of slaughter.  Thanksgiving is the one American religious holiday unencumbered by the accoutrements of paganism.  The terrorists made sure that Americans would spend Thanksgiving Day with visions of their hideous handiwork on our minds.  It is no mere coincidence, any more than the other aspects of this carefully planned assault. 
All that we have, freedom, prosperity and belief in God, is the ultimate target of Jihad.  These religiously motivated fanatics will not cease until they’ve destroyed all for which we give thanks.  The attack on Mumbai, on top of everything else, was radical Islam’s “Happy Thanksgiving” to America.


Mark Armstrong

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Locations of Attacks
Location Type of attack
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station Shootings; grenade attacks.
South Mumbai Police Headquarters Shootings.
Leopold Café, Colaba Shootings.
Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel Shootings; six explosions; fire on ground, first, and top floors; hostages; RDX found nearby.
Oberoi Trident hotel Shootings; explosions; hostages; fire.
Metro movie theater Shooting from carjacked police jeep.
Cama Hospital Shootings; hostages.
Nariman House (Mumbai Chabad House) Siege; shootings; hostages.   [Note: Referred to as "Jewish Center" in news reports]
Vile Parle suburb, North Mumbai Car bomb blast.
Mazagaon docks Explosion; boat with armaments seized.


Left: Foreigners were targeted in attacks
Center: Taj Mahal Hotel on fire
Right: Scene of carnage