Without God in the World
by Jim Josephsen

All around the world, people are distressed, becoming increasingly anxious, openly concerned as never before. “Just what on earth is going on?” they wonder. The news from Europe, India, Asia, the Middle East, not to mention the United States, Australia, Africa and South America is alarming, disheartening.

We are witnessing a relentless economic decline, revealing global recession. The National Bureau of Economic Research has officially declared, “The United States of America has been in a recession since December 2007.” What a surprise! Germany, among other European nations had earlier admitted their economies have fallen into a recession. China, the economic juggernaut of the 21st Century, has seen its production diminish dramatically. Worldwide demand for consumer goods is in decline, only further slowing multi-national economies. Stocks, bonds, worldwide markets, continue to fall with no end in sight.

If the economic stresses over the past 12 months aren’t painful enough, what lies on the horizon is potentially terminal to individual security and societies at large. Certainly, the decreased pricing of gas at the pump, of housing, fuels, clothing and general consumer goods is seen as a welcome relief to weary Americans and global consumers.

But if this economic slow-down continues, not only in the USA, but in all national economies, and becomes ever more widespread, the only logical consequence will be deflation that will spiral to ruinous depths, evoking catastrophic ends. As economies slow, consumption slows, manufacturing slows, jobs are lost, revenues decrease, taxes and services decrease and the cycle continues. Every community, every nation will be affected.

Ironically, third world nations have little to lose and will be less affected. Nations, blessed with wealth beyond measure cannot be maintained in a global meltdown.

An aspect of sea travel, entertainment, commerce and trade once far out of the mind of the average citizen is now leading the news. What is this new type of disruption and terrorism we are witnessing now in the 21st Century – pirates? Not the cartoonish Blackbeard, but radical terrorists on a mission. There have been roughly 100 attacks on ships off the Somali coast this year alone, with 40 vessels being hijacked and held for ransom. Most of the time a ransom is paid.

More anxiety has arisen with the latest terrorist attack, this time targeting the symbol of India’s wealth and power, Mumbai. It was clear this attack, meticulously designed, executed with military-like precision, was perpetrated to send a message to India, Israel and the West, primarily, Great Britain and the United States.

American Intelligence warned India earlier this summer of the potential for a terrorist assault. Now it comes as no surprise that a bipartisan commission has released its study warning America’s leadership that the United States can expect a terrorist attack, using nuclear, or more likely chemical or biological weapons before 2013.

The report expressed the concern not that terrorists will become biologists, rather that “biologists will become terrorists.” With the influx of foreigners, foreign nationals being educated and working within the United States, it is not hard to see how those loyal to their fathers’ religion could easily rise up as terrorists, traveling freely within this nation. America long ago opened its doors, to promote friendship and freedom, only to allow and often protect the rights of the corrupt and nefarious elements, within our borders.

All the inhabitants of the earth, to one degree or another, are increasingly affected by the economic, political and religious encumbrances the 21st Century presents. The events of this year have forced a change in the way we perceive life, government and wealth.

The shift, especially within Western Democracies, away from once honored moral absolutes, respect for authority, respect for government, religious reverence, respect for fellow-humans and civil obedience to an unbridled practice of personal self-fulfillment and situation ethics, challenges the very foundations of good and wholesome societies.

Those who call evil good and good evil are set for certain doom and destruction. Not only do most people live according to their self-justified moral codes, but those who take a stab at Christianity are quick to call the Laws of God out of date, certainly of no value in our humanistic liberated world.

Within the United States, Britain, Australia, Europe, and among the vast expanse of peoples who compose this newly labeled global community, people are anxious, uncertain, gingerly navigating through the demands and burdens foisted upon them.

Just what on earth is going on? Where are we headed? Will we ever get back to normal? These are the cries of nations. What sense can be made of the realities we face?

The behavior practiced, the consequences of which bring about all the conditions we now witness in this world are all the result of a world which as a whole, does not acknowledge God. Obviously, the world is full of religions, full of concepts of God, but not of the true God, the only God that matters.

The problems this world faces have no relevance without God in the world. Without an acceptance that God is the Judge of all mankind’s behavior and He will answer mankind according to its ways, these problems are without solutions. He knows how it will all end. What we are witnessing today are the consequences of disobedience and rejection of the only God worthy to be worshipped.

Having spoken to His disciples of events to occur in the prophetic last days, just prior to His return, Jesus Christ told those gathered around him, “Watch you therefore and pray always, that you might be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man.”

The elements which compose these things, which Jesus Christ said will happen to this world, are ominous and devastating. Speaking of these things, Christ said, “for these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written (in prophecy implied) may be fulfilled.”

What we are exposed to on a daily basis is the beginning of perilous times, of tribulation, of judgment. What we are now witnessing, watching every day, is the beginning of sorrows. It is the consequence of mankind living without God in their lives; without an awareness of the God who created and sustains human life. We are seeing the consequences of personal choices and personal behavior, of economic and political practices which are directly opposed to the “ways” of God.

The times ahead are characterized “as if a man did flee from a lion and a bear met him; or went into his house and leaned his hand on the wall and a serpent bit him.” Mankind will not be able to escape the natural cause and effect, the only consequence of disobedience toward God.

Jesus Christ declared, Watch! How can you escape responsibility to that command?

Short of having your head in the sand, it is easy to see degrading social conditions, blatant disrespect for God and the consequences of disobedience to God’s laws regulating life and His laws of prosperity. The days of vengeance are upon us. Prophecy is being fulfilled. In this world, which has rejected God, this world without God, the only hope you have to survive the calamities ahead is to do what Jesus Christ requires of you and me. Watch and pray. Oh and one other thing – Repent!

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