“Gay Politics”
...and We Don’t Mean “Happy”

by Jim Josephsen

President Elect, Barak Obama, deemed by many, the champion of liberals and liberal policies is now the target of liberal ire. Why? What is the problem now?

Obama’s inaugural committee recently chose evangelical pastor, Rick Warren to deliver the inaugural invocation. This choice has outraged prominent liberal groups, especially gay rights proponents. Unquestionably, many of the more staunch liberals within the Democratic Party are dismayed.

But why should Obama’s choice be a surprise? It is publicly known that Obama desires January’s inauguration be the most inclusive and accessible, open and engaging event in U.S. history. Part of his change you can believe in platform allows that all Americans have equal access to the privileges the laws and the U.S. Constitution affords.

Obama and Warren find common ground on issues such as advocating for the homeless, disadvantaged, poor, and those who suffer from HIV/AIDS.

In the spirit of openness and inclusion, of bringing all ideologies to the table, Rick Warren has been chosen.

Enter People for the American Way. This progressive, politically liberal advocacy organization takes issue with Obama’s choice, believing that someone who has “consistent mainstream American values” should have been chosen instead. (Does anyone have a handle on “mainstream American values” these days?) People for the American Way opposes Warren’s stand against gay marriage.

This liberal organization, whose vision is that of promoting “a vibrantly diverse democratic society in which everyone is treated equally under the law, given the freedom and opportunity to pursue their dreams, and encouraged to participate in our nation’s civic and political life,” clamors when an individual speaks up on issues that are contrary to their agenda.

If there is one subject on which Warren reflects a greater degree of accuracy when quoting scriptures, it is the subject of sexual behavior. Warren promotes family values and sexual purity to a degree.

As we understand and teach, any one who respects the Word of God, who humbles him or herself before God Almighty will clearly understand that only sexual behavior engaged in between one man and one woman while in the bounds of holy matrimony is acceptable in the sight of God.

All other sexual deviance, be it fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism and all other prurient, immoral practices is considered sin. Those who practice such are in jeopardy of eternal death, unless the person repents of such behavior.

God has defined marriage and God has defined behavior that is conducive to healthy, prosperous and wholesome living. Any departure from the good, life-sustaining behavior God has commanded, will only lead to heartbreak, disappointment, death, and for a nation, eventually to social decay.

The gay lifestyle manifests itself in emptiness, degradation, disillusionment, and sorrow. Likewise, does adultery, fornication, promiscuity, and sexual licentiousness.

A scant two percent of the U.S. population, and that percentage may be slightly elevated, are considered members of the gay community. A tiny minority when compared to all Americans within this democratic nation. Yet they represent a loud voice when supported by Supreme Court decisions, politicians and political action groups.

Let us not just isolate the gay community in America, however. Let us include all sexual behavior practiced outside of marriage as an offense to the God of creation; the God who created male and female and who instituted marriage. Likewise, let us realize that even within marriage, there are situations that warrant the need for godly indictment. God reveals the sinful behaviors that will destroy the individual and cripple a nation, unless repented of. God does offer forgiveness to the individual that repents and to the nation that changes its course of immorality.

Many understand the importance of conforming to the Word of God and feel an obligation to teach and express the truth of God. Many within this free democratic nation (as in other democratic lands) choose to practice their faith and to speak their faith. The U.S. Constitution and laws of this land allow us this freedom.

People for the American Way advocates that everyone is treated equally under the law, given freedom and opportunity to pursue their dreams.

If the dreams of an individual, like a Rick Warren or of hundreds of thousands throughout this country are to envision an America in which everyone is educated of right versus wrong behavior as defined by God, then the People for the American Way cannot object. They advocate this freedom; that everyone be given the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Certainly, People for the American Way has no business expressing disappointment or dismay toward its new political champion, Obama, who is only attempting to show this country, which he will soon be leading, that we can all get along. If sincere, that sure seems to be an open-minded, fair position.

Whatever his agenda, if Obama is pleased to allow Warren the honor of praying at the inaugural, open-minded liberals have no room to object. Then again, here we see once again, liberals are not very open-minded when it comes to God or religious beliefs that conflict with their lifestyle or political agenda.

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