Israel and Gaza
The Spread of Conflict

The eyes of the world are focused on the action Israel is taking inside Gaza, after absorbing a constant barrage of rocket attacks fired indiscriminately in the direction of Israeli towns within range.  Predictably, Israel is accused of conducting “genocide” against civilians in Gaza, and the whole Middle East is up in arms.


            Last week, Iran warned of dire consequences if Israel should introduce ground forces in Gaza, officially claiming it would be “the biggest mistake the Zionist regime ever made!”    In terms of Iranian rhetoric, that’s saying a lot.  But there will be little humor to be found in Iranian bluster if the world stands by while they acquire nuclear weapons.  Israel called the bluff by moving ground forces in to try to find weapons caches and those responsible for the ongoing rocket attacks. 


As reported last week, there have been riotous demonstrations throughout the capitals of the Middle East, including the most moderate of the Arab world.  There have been demands for a cease-fire, but to what end?  Terrorists aren’t big on complying with agreements they’ve made, and breaking promises by attacking Israelis is obviously a matter of pride with them. Examples in this current conflict are no exception.  Israel stops its actions while convoys deliver food and medicine, but the rockets continue to be launched toward Israel’s southern cities. 


            The world’s greatest concern is that this conflict might spread to include other Middle East entities.  There are reports that missiles have been fired into Israel from southern Lebanon (one came through the roof of a retirement home) and concerns that a second front might be re-ignited in the area of the skirmish that played out in the Summer of 2006, with Hezbollah


            But the Gaza conflict has spread.  It’s spread to Europe.  Numerous attacks have taken place around Europe against Jewish and Israeli targets.  A synagogue in southwestern France was attacked and almost burned.  Another synagogue in London was the target of attempted arson.  There are reports of several other attacks against individuals all over Europe which are believed to be instigated by anger over the situation in Gaza.  The Muslim presence in Europe promises to be a major factor as events play out in the Middle East. 


            Anti-Semitism is once again on the rise in Europe, and there are signs of it here in the United States as evidenced by the reported chatter from predominantly liberal quarters.  The UN issues condemnations of Israel on a routine basis. Extreme hatred of the Jews and all things considered “Jewish” has been responsible for several of the darkest chapters of world history. 


            A cursory glance at the history of Christianity beginning around 325 AD clearly reveals a bias and revulsion toward Jewish customs and practices that remains to this day.  Europe has not forgotten the role anti-Semitism played in the ultimate destruction during World War II, but the advent of large, unassimilated Muslim populations throughout Europe today all but guarantees violent acts against Israelis and Jews living in Europe.  Current reports show it is a reality.


            Obviously, the war between Jew and Muslim will never end until one or the other is utterly defeated.  If you believe that any of the end time Bible prophesies are accurate, all parties mentioned above, with the possible exceptions of the U.S. and the UN will be active participants in the end game. 

Mark Armstrong

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Left: UN delegates attempting to keep the conflict from spreading
Center:  Map of Gaza
Right: Burning synagogue like those being attacked currently in Europe