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“Act Now”

The emergencies are piling up, it seems. From the economic alarmists to the environmental alarmists to the new administration in D.C., “There’s not a moment to spare…” we’re told.

The $700 billion bank bailout of last September came as a jolting shock to the psyche of Americans. And it was done in the midst of full-fledged panic. The financial system would simply grind to a halt unless President Bush cooperated and pressed Congress to follow suit, and they did. It didn’t matter that the capitalist system that has kept the United States prosperous and free was being compromised as the government assumed equity and control over private sector institutions, there wasn’t a moment to spare. But the problems have not been solved, according to the experts. Credit markets are still tight and further action is indicated. Few, if any, seem to even know what became of the fabulous sum.

Now that the new administration is in power with its one-party grip over Congress, panic is virtue. Another $800 some odd billion must be requisitioned immediately if the U.S. is to have any hope of reversing the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression, so goes the party line.

Whatever happened to that tried and true old adage that says haste makes waste? Or the red-letter biblical advice warning that failing to count the cost before committing to a major project lest one become the object of mockery?

Were this simply a case of partisan political jousting, we might well do our level best to ignore it. But, according to most analysts, we’re talking here about the future economic viability of the greatest nation in the history of mankind. A nation blessed by the hand of God where we enjoy freedoms bought with the blood of countless Americans willing to fight and die for it.

In the case of the massive spending proposal pending before the U.S. Senate, astronomical sums are to be allocated for pet political causes. Of course, there’s no time for the senators to actually read and digest the 647-page monstrosity, (let alone allow “we the people” an opportunity to react) so urgent is its passage. “There’s not a moment to spare.”

What about the Proverb that states, “Every prudent man acts with knowledge. But a fool lays open his folly.” 13:16

How might wise and prudent individuals react to $2.4 Billion for “carbon capture demonstration,” or $400 million to “research” global warming, or $355 million to be spent on the prevention of STD’s? One can only guess what that might entail. And of course, that’s only a fraction of what’s proposed. There’s even the suggestion that billions are intended to fund an organization that is reportedly under investigation in numerous states for election fraud.

Regardless of the outcome of current political and economic debates, it appears a sure thing that the mad (government mandated) folly of recent years will carry a penalty for the United States and for the civilized world that we can scarcely comprehend. Because of the vaunted “global financial system,” and the fact that derivatives of supposedly solid U.S. assets are bought and sold in every conceivable investment vehicle, foreign economies are also facing economic crisis. Massive demonstrations took place all over France this week, protesting Sarkozy’s economic plans. Great Britain is said to be on the brink of national insolvency and printing currency backed by nothing.

Meanwhile, as Iran nears completion of its nuclear weapons program, there’s plenty of time to “show respect and a new willingness to talk.” We’ve seen several reports this week indicating that Iran is busy opening offices and “fronts” in unstable nations to our south. The following quote came from just yesterday. “Iran is increasing its military and espionage presence rapidly throughout Latin America, according to U.S. and Israeli officials, turning the region into a major base for terrorism and subversion” [see story] And there is major concern over Iran’s alliance with the virulently anti-American Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who is reportedly hosting the installation of numerous Islamic terrorist groups. The Newsmax article points out that Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and of course, Venezuela all voted against UN resolutions to impose sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program.

Though Israel may disagree, the leadership in America seems to think we’ve got plenty of time to worry about a nuclear Iran at our leisure. But immediate action must be taken to “save the planet” from global warming! Famed proponent of the theory James Hansen warned that the new administration must act fast to save the earth from devastating climate change. “We can’t afford to put off change any longer…” [see story].

We’re getting a steady diet of propaganda from leading politicians and the mainstream media. The monotonous theme is that man’s government is the answer. Some of us believe that our rights and our freedoms are God’s gift, as is clearly stated in the opening lines of our Constitution. Arrogant practitioners of politics and preachers of panic may now represent our greatest threat as they abandon the role our founders described (national security) and tinker with economic and social engineering on an urgent basis with consequences no one can quite fathom.

Mark Armstrong

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