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“A New World Order is emerging…”

The phrase “New World Order” has always carried the connotation of “One World Government,” with the implication that U.S. sovereignty would be abdicated to the United Nations. According to some analysts, that is by far the most important thing that transpired at the recent economic summit. Economic regulatory authority, to include private enterprise, is being handed to the IMF, a subsidiary of the United Nations controlled by a group of European bankers.

The above title is the language British Prime Minister Gordon Brown chose to employ at the conclusion of this week’s G-20 economic summit in London. The essence of the multi-national agreement that gives credence to the statement is a commitment to pump $1 trillion into the IMF (International Monetary Fund). The underlying logic is that this money will be loaned to third world countries that will use it to buy exports from the West. Contributions to the Fund are reportedly $40 billion from China, $100 billion from the EU, $100 billion from Japan and how much from the United States? That is not immediately clear. When subtracted from $1 trillion, the figures above leave $660,000,000,000.00 to the imagination, with the bulk likely to come from U.S. taxpayers.

Anarchist demonstrators ran amok in the streets of London, pelting police, breaking windows and starting fires. The organizers hate capitalism. You have to wonder why they’re rioting. It seems that capitalism is being abandoned (with the possible exception of the communist Chinese!) as the assembled leaders of the world’s wealthiest nations gathered to implement GLOBAL SOCIALISM. Is it a definitive step in the direction of a ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT? Isn’t that just what the anarchists want?

The U.S. government started hurling hundreds of billions at the “economic crisis” beginning last September, just weeks prior to the presidential election. Since then, additional trillions upon trillions of nonexistent dollars have been requisitioned for government intervention in every conceivable facet of American life. The worst fears expressed by those who founded this nation have come to life in our daily news. American sovereignty is being undermined and personal freedom is being replaced by a rapid transition to socialism at every level. Is this what our brave military has bled and died for?

The institutions that have been the recipients of untold billions still teeter on the brink of bankruptcy. Unemployment is ravaging the hardest hit cities and towns and spreading across the country like a wildfire. The United States simply does not possess the wealth our government wants to spend to transform the way we consume energy, and apparently intends to rely on massive future tax increases that have yet to be revealed.

The conspiracy theorists must be howling! But to those of us who realize that the United States does not figure as a pivotal entity in the climactic events of Bible prophecy, the daily news sounds like one alarm bell after another. We may well see the same kind of subjugation that befell ancient Israel when they turned their backs on God. But at least we’ll be green!

Mark Armstrong

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