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Imagine: No Enemies
Only Disillusioned Allies

From the best available data, one can only surmise that approximately seventy percent of Americans are uninformed or ill-informed. But, we’ve learned some shocking news, second hand from the Middle East this week. It began with the revelation that “the United States is one of the greatest Muslim nations in the world.” No kidding? Al Jazeera, with all its resources, including a bureau in Washington D.C. never even figured that one out. Obviously, we’re not the only ones being taken for fools.

We also learned that “any world system that elevates one nation above another is destined to fail.” What world system? The UN? Some nations are elevated above others for a host of reasons, even in the UN.

The Muslim world learned, hours before most of us this week, that the U.S. has much more in common with them than we, or even they ever guessed. It turns out that we share all kinds of “values” that neither faction ever considered like, “the dignity of man.”

The radical extremists were informed that they’re not really enemies of the United States at all! Sure, the U.S. has made its share of mistakes abroad, just like militant Islamists, just like Israel and so on. But it’s a new day, and we need to recognize now that we really all want the same things and now we can be friends. Never mind the clear doctrines of Islam that warn Muslims against friendship with infidels, and encourage their murder at every opportunity.

No doubt many in the Muslim world, numbering over a billion, were amused to learn all they were told. All the masses learned from the mainstream media here in the U.S. is that it’s a new day in relations. The tone indicates what was already borne out and reported in opinion polls throughout the Muslim Middle East. America has been very bad indeed, showing favoritism to Israel, conducting an unnecessary war in Iraq, even participating in the 1953 coup in Iran. It is now ok for Muslims and Americans to despise that self-serving old colonialist empire of the United States while loving and respecting its new teleprompted president and realizing that we are no longer what we were. Middle Eastern headgear must be whirling, and some of us on this side of the world are feeling a little dizzy too.

If you can boil six thousand words and over an hour of jaw-whipping body language down to a few lines, they would read something like this. That old United States of America was worthy of hatred, but it’s a new day and we’re different now. We can no longer support and defend free and democratic allies that stand in the path of Muslim aspirations. Iran is entitled to a nuclear energy program, and Israel will be snubbed, pressured and warned by the United States while we honor our historical commitments to them and make sure the Palestinians get their state. Motion sickness, anyone?

No one in Iran yet knows the lyrics to “We are the world, we are the children…” Though the message was beamed throughout the Middle East and all over the world, the ruling Mullahs thought better of exposing the Iranian population to the lecture against fear and mistrust.

Osama is not amused by all these claims of shared values. He just warned, “Let Americans prepare to reap what the leaders of the White House sow,” in statements related to U.S. influence in Pakistan.

Israelis fear they no longer have an ally in the United States. Having just completed one of the most comprehensive “missile attack drills” in their history, they are acutely aware of the threats they face from the many enemies around them, but particularly from Iran’s burgeoning nuclear capabilities. Europe has its own well-established concerns with its unassimilated Muslim immigrants. Europe is also wary of traversing the path of profligate stimulus spending of non-existent money. In Germany, Angela Merkel stared at our president with a combination of horror and bumfuzzlement as he read from side to side.

Nobody on the world stage, least of all, we the people, have any idea who we are or what we’re about anymore. Enemies are no longer enemies, they just don’t realize how different we’ve become. Allies are no longer really friends, they just need to get with the program and come to grips with the fact that the past is so yesterday, to reiterate somebody’s phrase. Then again, seventy percent of Americans break down into about thirty percent twitterpated and forty percent too caught up in daily pursuits to look beyond the fawning headlines of mainstream outlets.

“Violence is a dead end” we’ve all learned. But what happens to friends and allies when those factions addicted to the violence their brand of religion dictates acquire the means to eradicate infidels. How much soothing rhetoric will be remembered when nuclear fireballs loom skyward. How will the teleprompter read then? Chances are, we’ll find out.

Mark Armstrong

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