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The Future Life of Major Hasan

By Michael Burkert

Presently hospitalized at Brooke Army Hospital in Texas, is none other than MAJOR NIDAL MALIK HASAN, the “alleged” Jihadist terrorist, who murdered over a dozen of his fellow soldiers, at Ft. Hood, Texas, while chanting Allahu Akbar, or “Allah is great.” Rumors have it that Major Hasan may be paralyzed as a result of being shot four times by a civilian police officer who put a stop to his bloody holy war, waged at Fort Hood. Accordingly, our partisan media is already casting Major Hasan in the light of a “victim.”

It was President Obama’s decision to try Major Hassan in military court martial, as opposed to federal court. Obama no doubt made this decision for one very good reason. If Hasan is convicted and if he is sentenced to death, only the President of the United States has the authority to ultimately condemn him to the gallows. Not so in federal court, where a federal judge has this authority.

Since 1951, when the Uniform Code of Military Justice was enacted by Congress, only 10 servicemen have been executed as a result of the death sentence ordered by Court Martial. The last soldier executed was PVT John Bennett. He was convicted of rape and attempted murder. Bennett was hanged in 1961. In 1962, President Kennedy refused to sign the death warrant for a sailor convicted of murder. Kennedy commuted the sentence to life imprisonment.

The last soldier to receive the death penalty is PVT Ronald Gray. Gray was convicted of multiple rapes and murders in 1987. He has appealed his conviction through a series of courts of appeal, but in 2005, President Bush signed his death warrant. Still, four years later, Grey has yet to exhaust the appeal process. So far, Gray has spent 22 years on “death row” and still remains above ground. If he is ever executed, it won’t be for many years. Gray may die of old age before his appeal process is finished. His case will most likely end up in the Supreme Court.

So what will be the outcome of the pending court martial of Major Nidal Malik Hussein? Why did the President choose to have Hasan tried in a Military court martial, opposed to federal court, or even a Texas State Court? One word explains it all… control.

The odds that Major Hasan will be convicted are fairly in the favor of the government. That being said, it will be most difficult to find a panel of officers (peers) to hear this case, who are not already fully aware of the facts and circumstances surrounding Hasan’s terrorist attack on Ft. Hood, Texas. Accordingly, any appeal will center on the claim that Hasan did not get a fair trial.

The defense will put the government on trial, the army and of course, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. The process will likely become a THREE-RING CIRCUS, as will the trials of Al-Qaeda terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and his cronies, currently safely tucked away in Cuba.

But, if the unthinkable does happen and Hasan is convicted and sentenced to death, what will be the reality of this outcome? First, an automatic appeal will occur following a conviction for murder. The long appeal process will begin. It will take many, many years. The Second Coming may well take place before Hasan’s legal team exhausts the appeal process.

However, from the start, you can rest assured that Major Hasan will have the finest legal team available. Already there is a defense fund being set-up for him and he will have his own “Dream Team” of attorneys, private investigators, legal and religious researchers and other support personnel, who will work diligently toward acquittal.

Major Hasan’s trial will be the highest profile military trial since the court martial of Brigadier General Billy Mitchell. Except this time, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS will take the lead. Remember what General George Casey said when asked why Hasan was not removed from his post after making multiple and frequent treasonous statements. “Diversity, trumps security,” was the drift of General Casey’s off-the-cuff comment.

I believe that it’s likely that Major Hasan will be convicted of multiple murders. However, I think it highly unlikely that a court martial will impose the death penalty. That leaves life imprisonment as the sentence he will most likely receive.

If this is to occur, Major Hasan will live a fairly good life at the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. He will be afforded three halal meals per day, meals prepared in accordance with strict Islamic purity laws. He will be allowed to pray five times per day; visits by an Islamic Chaplain on demand and of course, he will have his Koran, Haddith and Sunnah as well as any other Islamic texts he might demand. He will have the right to wear Islamic garb and will be allowed to grow his hair and beard per Islamic customs and traditions.

Naturally, he will likely have access to Al-Jazeera TV, Islamic newspapers and other publications. He will be allowed to assume the role of a living Muslim martyr, confined by infidels and tortured and abused, when of course, he will essentially live a very secure and cultured life. Military prisons are not run like civilian prisons. They continue to be military installations and discipline is still enforced and military protocols observed.

President Obama, in making his decision to try Major Hasan in a military court martial is able to project toughness. Although if the truth were known, his decision to use the military would be exposed for what it really is, coddling Major Hasan and the avoidance of any embarrassing federal court conviction and death sentence which Obama could not control or commute.

We are witnessing, once again, the inverted world we live in. Where right is wrong and wrong is right; where good is bad and bad is good; where diversity trumps security and where it especially trumps common sense.

The bottom line is that Major Hasan, even if convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, will have ample opportunity to continue his Jihad from within the walls of the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks. Far from being over, Hasan’s new life will just begin. As he is a relatively young man, he will have many years to convert fellow confinees to Islam and to carry out his own personal holy war against the United States and our way of life.


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