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U.S. Relations with Israel Worst Ever

In the face of undeniable reality, hope springs eternal that third party negotiators can beg, bribe or intimidate Israel and the Palestinians into accepting some formula for peace. And what’s the undeniable reality, you might ask? That would be the religious/educational indoctrination of generations of Palestinians that requires them to hate Jews fervently and plot to kill them any way possible, even if it means strapping on a bomb and blowing themselves up amid as many innocent bystanders as possible. Then there’s that other minor hurdle. The Palestinians led by Hamas, to this day refuse to accept Israel’s existence.

American diplomats are obliged to put that inconvenient fact out of their minds and pretend there’s some magic formula to do with land for peace and two sovereign states living side by side. Surely such a formula can be imposed, they reason, even if it would require peacekeeping troops standing guard between the “sovereign” states. It would be wrong, political correctness dictates, to note that history bears no record of a Palestinian state, or that the Palestinians in Gaza remain in perpetual bloody dispute as to whom should govern them, let alone how.

Postures assumed and statements issued by Washington and the State Department over the past year have lead many to wonder just whose side the United States is on in the never-ending standoff over what should become of Jerusalem, and what amounts to a world wide jihad against western culture. The tactic of sending U.S. emissaries to act as a liaison between parties who refuse to speak directly has been a complete bust. Despite dozens of missions, numerous attempts at resurrecting the “peace process” have failed and embarrassed those officially dispatched to achieve the impossible.

The current situation is discouraging, not from the standpoint that there is no progress in the “peace process” but rather what is happening to U.S. relations with Israel. There was no reason for optimism regarding the non-existent “peace process”, nor has there been. Rather, the U.S. Vice President and the State Department decided to take great umbrage at something that occurred as a complete coincidence last week, something that should have had no bearing one way or the other on any meetings that may have been planned.

The recent upset that supposedly justifies the current historic low point in U.S. – Israel relations came from the approval of a housing development in an area that was not even subject to “land for peace” negotiations. Furthermore, the “announcement” such as it was, amounted to no more than zoning approval by the Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee that had absolutely nothing to do with VP Biden’s recent visit. Nevertheless, the State Department including Sec. of State Hillary Clinton herself, called the incident an “insult to the United States.”

The flap resulted in the L.A. times writing that the incident, “drew criticism from Washington in language rarely directed even at Iran or North Korea.” That report, which mirrored numerous others, included news that the Sec. of State “upbraided” Prime Minister Netanyahu. Now, Israel is falling all over itself with apologies, declaring that, “Our relationship with the Americans is above all else” as the Israeli Minister of the Interior said last week. At this time when our alliance with Israel is arguably more important that ever, it’s beginning to look like that sentiment is a one way street.

Mark Armstrong

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Left: Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton
Center: Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu
Right: Vice President, Joe Biden