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“Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste”

That sadly is the sentiment of many heartless, shameless proponents of political ideologies. The nation ground almost to a halt in the second week of January, and not just because of the arctic blizzard that shut down the eastern portion of the country, clear into the Deep South. Congress cancelled its activities to mourn the dead and the wounded from the shooting rampage at a political event in a Safeway parking lot in Tucson, Arizona.

The senseless losses are staggering. Six are dead, including Arizona’s chief Federal Judge, a nine year old little girl named Christina Taylor Green and four other perfectly innocent people. Another fourteen people were wounded, some very seriously. The best known victim in this evil act is Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was standing in Congress and taking part in the reading of the Constitution just a couple of days before she was gunned down. There are high hopes, and all our prayers, for her survival as she remains in critical condition with skull and brain injuries.

In America’s capitol and across the spectrum of airwaves, it’s as if everything has gone into tunnel vision. This case, the victims, the perpetrator and the grandstanding by the local Sherriff and various politicians and columnists dominated nearly every moment of airtime. You would think that a crime of this magnitude would bring a common reaction from all decent people. A reaction of concern for the families of the dead, of care and empathy for the wounded and their loved ones, a reaction of revulsion toward the demonic maniac who perpetrated this mindless evil. And though that is the reaction of all right-minded people, there’s a completely different slant consuming the newspapers and the airwaves.

Suddenly, and almost immediately this horrific tragedy became the basis for political grandstanding! From this buffoon who is the sheriff of Pima County to a New York Times columnist, to quite a few chattering faces on television this tragedy perpetrated by one deranged monster has become an opportunity for them to denounce, and blame prominent people who don’t see the world as they do. You’ve no doubt heard the list of prominent individuals that have been accused of using “rhetoric” that just might have pushed this goon over the edge. Does this mean the shooter is just another victim of his own rampage?

Anybody with a shred of common sense or decency knows beyond any doubt that nothing ever said by Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, or any other personalities they may not like or agree with, could in any way have anything to do with the vicious act that was perpetrated against those innocents in Tucson. The very suggestion of such compounds the crime, disrespects the victims and just heaps shame upon us all. But, obviously some of them have no shame. They have already leapt into the spotlight to denounce opponents they cannot best in any discussion on the merits.

Some politicians are trying to use the heinous crime to advance their un-Constitutional political goals, which have failed despite their decades of maneuvering. To name just a few of the things they’re pushing now, a limit on free speech—as if debate can be somehow linked to mass murder. And, you had to know this was coming—gun control. For some reason lefties want everyone to be defenseless against murderers like this lunatic in Tucson, and never mind the Second Amendment, as far as they’re concerned.

To the blowhard idiot that is the sheriff of Pima County; Why were there no deputies on location at this event where a Federal Judge and a Congresswoman were meeting with other notables in public and under a big banner designed to draw a crowd. Every event of this nature around Tyler and environs always includes the presence of the Smith County Sheriffs. Where were the blowhard and his deputies when it counted?

And why was this monster still walking the streets, and able to buy a gun even after numerous incidents involving the Police, the Community College and various threats? Every single one of these mass shootings over the past couple of years have involved people who were known to be unstable and potentially prone to violence, but were allowed to operate without supervision and carry out hideous crimes. I’m thinking of the Virginia Tech shooter, and the Fort Hood shooter, both of whom had exhibited all kinds of warning signs that should have brought them under the scrutiny of law enforcement and mental health agencies. But they were instead allowed to continue moving freely among innocents until they committed their mass murder atrocities.

And here’s one more thing that seems all wrong about the non-stop coverage of the horrible crime in Tucson. Nearly every discussion is accompanied by zooming in on the smirking mug shot of the demonic monster who carried out this grisly crime. Why, oh why are they beaming this palpable depiction of evil, bigger than life, into everybody’s living rooms at every opportunity? I believe it’s a bad idea, in all circumstances, to pump evil demonic images into our minds and memories, and that we should all avoid such images in an effort to stay as far away as possible from such diabolical depictions.

May God help the healing of the injured, grant comfort to the grieving families and protect the innocent from those that would cause harm.

Mark Armstrong

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The deceased include (in alphabetical order):

1.Christina-Taylor Green, 9, of Tucson. Green was accompanied to the meeting by neighbor Susan Hileman. Born on September 11, 2001, she had appeared in the book Faces of Hope: Babies Born on 9/11 (page 41). She was the granddaughter of former Major League Baseball player and manager Dallas Green.
2.Dorothy "Dot" Morris, 76, a retired secretary from Oro Valley; wife of George, who was wounded.
3.John Roll, 63, chief judge of the U.S. District Court for Arizona, named to the federal bench by President George H. W. Bush in 1991.
4.Phyllis Schneck, 79, homemaker from Tucson.
5.Dorwan Stoddard, 76, retired construction worker, from a gunshot wound to the head; his wife Mavy was wounded.
6.Gabriel "Gabe" Zimmerman, 30, community outreach director for Gifford, and a member of Giffords' staff since 2006.

The surviving gunshot victims include (in alphabetical order):

1.Bill D. Badger, 74, a retired colonel of the Army National Guard whose head was grazed by a bullet, moments before subduing the suspect.
2.Ronald Barber, 65, deputy director for Giffords and former Pima County program manager, who was shot in the cheek and in the leg, severing an artery.
3.Kenneth Dorushka, 63, from New Jersey; shot in the arm.
4.James Eric Fuller, 63, a military veteran and retired limousine driver, hit in the left knee and grazed in the back by bullet fragments.
5.Randy Gardner, 60, mental health counselor, shot in the foot.
6.Gabrielle Giffords, 40, U.S. Representative from Arizona, shot in the head.
7.Susan Annis Hileman, 58, shot in the leg, hip, abdomen and chest while accompanying Christina-Taylor Green.
8.George Morris, a retired Marine and former airline pilot, shot twice; his wife Dorothy died in the attack.
9.Mary Reed, 52, shot in the back and both arms.
10.Pam Simon, 63, community outreach coordinator for Giffords, shot in the wrist and torso.
11.Mavanell "Mavy" Stoddard, 75, shot in the leg three times; her husband Dorwan died in the attack.
12.James Tucker, 58.
13.Kenneth Veeder, 75, a retired Vietnam veteran of the Army Airborne Infantry; grazed in the leg by a bullet.

Left:  Tucson, Arizona
Right: Gabrielle Giffords