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When Government Mandates Sin

What happens when temporal laws conflict with God's Laws? It's certainly a question that has plagued European civilizations down through the centuries. But it's one we thought we'd never have to face under the protection of the absolute freedom of religion spelled out in the Constitution of the United States.

Nancy Pelosi famously warbled, “We just have to pass it so we can find out what's in it.” Now that it has come out that the controversial (yet to be implemented) new health care law forces religiously sponsored clinics and hospitals to provide “birth control” (whatever all that may entail) there has been a real firestorm of consternation, largely coming from Catholic institutions. Responding to the standoff between church and state, former presidential candidate and current talk show host Mike Huckabee says, “We're all Catholics now...” While the intent of that statement may have been innocent, and he may have reason to feel that way, it's not even almost true.

We've always been secure in the belief that religious freedom was central to liberty in the United States of America. The record of government controlled religion (and visa versa) around the world and throughout history is drenched in blood, and who can dispute it? We've seen the “wall of separation” concept tested in the U.S. on many occasions, with religious freedom always winning the dispute except in cases that involve serious crimes.

Is it any wonder now that outrage seems to be catching fire nearly everywhere as the reality finally begins to sink in that the state (U.S. Government) has put itself in a position of forcing religious institutions to sin. This is but one in a long list of legal rulings and changes in laws that give sinful commissions, formerly seen as crimes, full protection or even special status under the law. Our founders believed that any law contrary to God's Laws was no law at all. That, obviously is a standard that is no longer applied in this day and age.

The news now has it that the conflict has been resolved, and that insurance companies rather than religiously sponsored entities will be responsible for “reaching out to women” (apparently even employees of religious institutions) to offer them a range of “birth control options.” Whether that will be the end of the matter or not remains to be seen. But it is curious that an attempt to force religious institutions to break God's law in order to comply with a mandate of the government has now occurred in United States of America.

Actually, the government has over a period of many years used taxpayer money to fund many causes and programs that directly conflict with the religious sensibilities of millions of Americans. But there's been hardly any backlash due to the fact that Americans obviously have no control over what is done with the proceeds of taxation, and to withhold funds in protest would be met with certain punishment, probably imprisonment.

At various times throughout history and in numerous cultures, Sabbath keeping and observance of Holy Days other than those approved or mandated by state authorities has resulted in exile, torture or death. And it is without dispute that Rome has quite a record of it. So it is doubly ironic that in this instance it's the religious rights of the catholic church that are seen to have been trampled. If there is any validity to Bible prophecy, we haven't yet seen anything to compare with what lies ahead.

In California, we've just seen the Courts rule in favor of “gay marriage” in contravention of the will of the majority expressed in a recent referendum vote. How might that stack up against God's laws? As my Dad said after a similar ruling in Texas ten years ago, “These judges are in contempt of the Supreme Court of Heaven!

It is very clear now, that the dictates of political correctness far outweigh the dictates of the Creator. It is also clear that the Constitution of the United States is now regarded as a minor impediment to the agenda of many of our legislators, political leaders and judges. Ultimately we'll all answer to a much higher power, and the way things are going we may well be put to the test over and over again.


Mark Armstrong

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