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As if there weren't enough crises to worry about, a truly artificial one, itself born of crisis has been created to panic the population into accepting remedies that may permanently alter the character of a nation.  We are approaching the end of a term and the end of the year, when holiday vacations are sacrosanct to the august bodies sworn to represent the interests of the people and of the Constitution.   Media headlines insist that a “fiscal cliff” is coming January 1st.  There probably hasn't been this much angst and gnashing of teeth since Y-2K


There's an interesting history associated with these economic “end of the world” scenarios.  And that is they promote a state of panic during which the unthinkable becomes reasonable in the face of threatened consequences.  The deadline, by now etched upon the consciousness of each and every consumer of information has been given a name that evokes sheer economic doom.  And they're telling us that the whole nation will suffer the catastrophic blow that would obviously result if it were to “go over the fiscal cliff.”  Exactly who invented the term is a subject of suspicion


The last time there was a threat to be compared to the awesome danger of the “fiscal cliff “was when recalcitrant national representatives would have missed X-mas if they hadn't, at half past the 11th hour, imposed national health care upon us all.  Whew!  That was close!  But at least they “got it done,” and just in time.


Here we are again, with headlines everywhere proclaiming disastrous consequences if the components of governance don't put differences aside and pass into law measures that violate every safeguard, every hint of restraint against rampant, ruinous spending.  Some of the demands being floated as essential to avoiding the debacle includes unilateral power to the executive branch to raise America's debt ceiling without consulting Congress [1], to pursue all manner of alternative energy experiments [2], massive spending to bolster the spirits of the entitled, and of course to win once and for all the argument about rich not paying “their fair share. [3]  That's the clincher, the argument so popular with America’s new majority.  Confiscate private wealth, who cares where the money comes from or what the consequences to the nation's foundational basis?


That's the line of logic that resonates with the masses.  Trouble is, it is a spurious discussion when it comes to the subject of $16,000,000,000,000.00 of debt growing by a trillion and a half every year.  It has been calculated that all the wealth of all the “millionaires and billionaires”, were it to be confiscated outright, would only fund current spending for a matter of months.  To date, none of the incomprehensible spending is at risk, it will continue unabated for the foreseeable future.  So there you have it.  Heads, America loses.  Tails, America loses.


The “fiscal cliff” hardly seems worthy of all the suspense.  It's just the latest in a series of manufactured crises designed to convince us that one of these outcomes is acceptable to prevent the other.  The blame squads will be close behind, and full throated, regardless of the outcome. 


Those warning us of the lethal dangers of the “fiscal cliff” are the same ones who created it a year and a half ago as a means to avoid any difficult decisions back then.  They couldn't arrive at any consensus as to fiduciary restraint, so they simply created tax hikes on everyone and defense cuts deemed so onerous and destructive that surely the disparate branches of government would intervene with sensible solutions.  Meanwhile, the spending has gone on without interruption.  Eighteen months ago January 1, 2013 was a long way off.  Not anymore.


And so far as sensible solutions are concerned, no such luck.  Either the nation suffers an economic bloodbath right away, or cedes over infinite authority to create money and allocate it.  It looks as though the United States of America is going over the “fiscal cliff” either way [4].

Though it may spell a dismal economic future in the short term, the real calamity will come when all doubt is erased about these debts ever being repaid; when we cross over that invisible line where confidence in our system and in our currency is finally shaken. 


Enjoy the debates, the warnings, the gamesmanship, if you can bear it.  The outcome may carry an immediate consequence for some in their line of employment, particularly those in the defense industries [5].  Ultimately though, it's the whole American way of life [6] and the role of the United States around the world that will be permanently and irrevocably altered. 


It's been a subject of observation and warning that has been at the focal point of our efforts for decades.  Nobody knew exactly how or when it would come to pass.  Now we know how, and we know that “when” can't be that far off.  


When you consider how the world has changed in the eighteen months since the invention of the “fiscal cliff," you have to contemplate what has transpired in the Middle East and in Europe that make the decline in America's power and influence even more poignant.  Who could imagine that so much on so many fronts could take place in such short order?


The Muslim Brotherhood now rules Egypt.  Last time there were hundreds of thousands in Cairo's Tahrir Square, we watched it live and Mubarak had to go.  This week, hundreds of thousands again camped out and demonstrated against Morsi's declaration of supreme ruler ship and there's barely a notice [7]Libya's flamboyant reclusive dictator is dead, but the nation is now a hotbed of terrorist training camps, as reported by America's dead ambassador.  All the Americans are dead or gone, the terrorists are still there.  Hamas just proved it has missiles capable of wreaking havoc on Israel's major cities.  A tenuous cease-fire has given the terrorist organization an opportunity to claim a great victory while making preparations for the next round


Iran is that much closer to its goal of nuclear arms, and according to every intelligence estimate including the UN, they are gaining ground rapidlySanctions have not slowed their progress at all, Israel has been warned off, and it is apparent that the world is going to have to learn to get a good night's sleep after learning of their achievement and the international blackmail that is sure to follow. 


Germany once again pulls Europe's strings, now that all the debtor nations have spent themselves into subjugation.  Lately France has been identified as the “time bomb at the heart of Europe.”  Every bit of this is consistent with the warnings of Bible prophecy.  Its further fulfillment is assured.  It's not a conspiracy theory, this time it's for real.  Anybody with eyes to see and the courage to face this world's ugly realities knows that trouble, dare we say tribulation, is brewing.

Mark Armstrong

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