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Trappings of Integrity

If you've ever seen one of these documentaries about investment magicians who guarantee high returns, they always ensconce themselves in the accoutrements of trust. They have impressive offices, powerful friends, perhaps connections with a wealthy religious organization. In other words, they could never have achieved their station of respect if they were dishonest.

On the other end of the equation you have the victims, who did their homework and found that the powerful connections are legitimate. The investment opportunity sounds awfully good, and even the papers and the local news reporters stand in awe of the obvious abilities of the investment guru to follow through on his iron clad promises.

Of course it is legitimate! The promises of high returns are generous, but not beyond the realm of believability. Besides, there are plenty of savvy, sophisticated bankers, lawyers and even members of the clergy who are enthusiastic about the program and the brilliant wizard who makes it all happen. Why, this guy and his company have big investment firms for clients, not to mention a host of A-list celebrities who have invested heavily.

The trappings of respect, power and wealth are just beyond disrepute. No one suspects anything could be wrong, until the checks start to bounce. That's when chaos begins to ensue. Everybody wants their money back, which of course isn't going to happen, and they want the wizard guru who deceived everybody to pay dearly! They want him punished commensurate with his crime. They call the authorities, government law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute the perpetrator of the fraud that's upended their lives.

This whole scenario has played out dozens and dozens of times, sometimes it has played out on a scale that has rocked the financial system as happened in the mortgage derivative scam. Sometimes tens of thousands lose everything, their credit, their homes, their savings and security as happened in the Bernie Maddoff case. Perpetrators of these massive scams will sometimes flee and try to live out their lives in comfortable obscurity, but rarely succeed. Their fraud is prosecuted by the legal authorities, sometimes with a plea deal for cooperation if the victims' losses can be recovered to some extent. If not, prosecutors throw the book at him.

The point is that there are several legal agencies that are expert at investigating and prosecuting crimes of fraud. Was it a legitimate deal that hit a snag and went wrong through no fault of the principals? Or was the whole thing a blatant deception from the beginning, where the operators intentionally deceived their victims into parting company with their nest-egg and their security?

Are there any assets by which the victims could be made whole? What if there are, but the defendant in the scam refuses to cooperate, even though he's been caught in a web of premeditated lies and brash deception? Surely that would result in the most aggressive prosecution, and a quest for the most severe punishment the legal system could mete out.

Absolutely none of the conventional wisdom we're familiar with regarding financial fraud and deception applies in the case of the enormous scandal breaking across the nation with regard to the utopian, government run universal health-care system. As Judge Andrew Napolitano recently said on national TV, it is a crime if a citizen lies to the government, but there is no legal recourse whatever to citizens who've been lied to by officials of the government. As to the Chief Executive of the United States, who went on record dozens of times with a very explicit and unequivocal promise, known by his own advisers to be categorically false the Judge said, He knows that not a hair of his head can be harmed.

As with all successful scams and Ponzi schemes, a falsehood of this magnitude would never have been believed or accepted in the first place were it not for the overwhelmingly impressive trappings of honesty and integrity. In this case the man who gave the assurances occupies the most powerful and traditionally trustworthy office on planet earth! If anybody has the juice to make good on his word, he does. Surely he can acknowledge that millions are being financially harmed due to the fact that they trusted his assurances, and something can be done to rectify the situation? No chance.

Isn't he concerned that trust will be lost? How will he govern if a great majority, suffering economic adversity on the basis of his false statements no longer trust him, no longer believe a word that comes out of his mouth?

Governance by persuasion is clearly out the window as of now. From now on there will be only one way to herd the masses.

The damage, as in so many situations where people have completely lost control of their financial lives, may be irretrievably done. And there is apparently no controlling legal authority.

But there is this little-known principal that our nation's founders understood and respected. They called it Nature's Law, the natural law and Divine Providence. They knew that any violation would come with natural, immutable consequences beyond man's ability to circumvent. Man's best attempts at securing justice sometimes fail. God's do not.

Mark Armstrong

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