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Gateway to the European Union

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European Parliament
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The Euro

The official EU website on the Euro includes documents, legislation, links to other websites, and a search engine. It provides access to basic information and documentation on the Euro.

Here is an excerpt from a paper posted at one of the above sites:

Excerpt: The economic size and significance of the 15 countries that make up the European Union are indisputable. The combined 1995 gross domestic product of these countries was estimated at $8.4 trillion, exceeding that of the United States ($7 trillion). This means that Europe is the largest single market on the face of the globe. The European market is not just large -- it is also affluent. The EU's population stood at 371 million in 1995 and G.D.P. per capita was $22,690; comparable figures for the United States were 264 million and $26,640. One manifestation of these simple facts has been the significant presence of foreign investors in Europe, corporate and individual, with the result that the stock of foreign investment in the EU, at the end of 1995, stood at $6.55 trillion, as compared with $3.16 trillion in the United States. Any corporation that pretends to be global has to have a substantial European presence.