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Migration Headache

Birds, fish, whales, butterflies and frogs all have something in common. Hundreds of species of them migrate. They move from north to south, from east to west, up and down, back and forth. Golden plovers and Arctic terns navigate thousands of miles—from Arctic to Antarctica—twenty-two thousand miles round trip, in the case of the Arctic tern. They fly by day or by night, over featureless seas, oftentimes out of sight of land, and above cloud layers.
HOW? When did the very first bird or other creature migrate? The migration of these creatures leaves evolutionists utterly lost—wandering endlessly in a sea of bewildered funk—totally confused.

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Did Humans Evolve from Lower Life Forms, or
Did God Create Adam?

You have never seen God. No one has ever taken a photograph of God. No one can write to Him and receive a letter with the return address "Heaven" stamped on it. Yet, millions worship various concepts of God in hundreds of different religions.

Evolutionists say there is no God. They say you and I evolved over aeons of time; that life began billions of years ago in some way, perhaps by a "chance strike of lightning in a primordial soup of methane and ammonia,' and gradually evolved from simple viruses and amoebas to complex plants and animals. Is evolution true? Can it be proved?

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A whale of a tale

Evolutionists say all life began in the SEA! You and I, they say, began as a simple, one-celled organism which resulted from a "chance strike of lightning in a primordial soup of methane and ammonia!" Those simple cells ultimately became sponges, then fish, then mammals, which came ashore, climbed trees, and then some of them slithered back into the oceans to become toothed whales and dolphins! But some of them "branched out, " to become apes and eventually man! Is evolution true? For, if it is, then your Bible is nothing but a collection of ancient Hebrew fairy tales and myth! Here is a sometimes humorous look at the utter IMPOSSIBILITY of macro evolution, and how the fact of symbiosis; two or more totally different species living together, each dependent on the other, shows evolution to be nothing more than a ludicrous myth!

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"Upside Down" - The Distorted Theory Of Evolution
The Big Lie

Evolution stands exposed as a myth; a fanciful theory where so-called "fact" is built upon assumption; where theory replaces data; where guesswork replaces logic; where anti-supernaturalistic bias reigns supreme. Evolution is built on the house of cards called "The Geologic Succession Of Strata," which ASSUMES that the "oldest rocks" containing the "simplest forms of fossil life" are ALWAYS beneath "younger" rocks, which supposedly proves that life "evolved" from "simple" to complex; that men came from amoeba. Here, you will discover the astonishing truth about evolution's big lie!

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Did God Use Evolution To Create Life?

Is God only a “First Cause” who used evolution as His method of creation? Recently, the pope in Rome gave credence to the Darwinian theory of evolution, indicating that, so long as evolution did not leave God out of the picture, it might be true. Such a belief is “theistic evolution,” or the assumption that evolution really happened, but that God somehow guided it. Did God use green slime, or brown scum, or algae, or amoeba, or viruses and bacteria, or polka-dotted air bubbles in the sea, or cracks in rocks, or extreme heat, or extreme cold, or a chance strike of lightning in a primordial soup of methane and ammonia to create life on earth? As ridiculous as it may sound, all of the above have been seriously proposed by evolutionists to account for the creation of life. Many professing Christians have accepted this theory, without realizing that it denies the existence of a personal God who created the universe, the solar system, our earth, and all life upon it, including man. To accept theistic evolution one must reject the book of Genesis, which says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Many other scriptures deal with the original creation. For you to believe God used evolution as His method of creation means rejecting Jesus Christ, for God’s Word proves Christ is the Creator, the Elohim who said, “Let there be light,” and who did the creating (John 1). Is it necessary to acquiesce to evolutionists’ claims? Must theologians cave in to anti-God evolutionists, assuming they have amassed enough evidence to support their theory that all life came from simple, single-celled organisms? Let’s look at just a few living examples of God’s creation to see if evolutionists’ claims are true.

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