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Garner Ted Armstrong and Staff Speak Out...
Breaking News Commentaries     by Garner Ted Armstrong
                                                                           by Editorial Staff

Current news in light of Bible prophecy.

Editors: Garner Ted Armstrong 1930-2003 
Mark Armstrong  – Chris Cumming  –  Michael Burkert
Jim Josephsen – Stan Roberts – and others

Attack on America Commentaries

Mr. Armstrong has written 31 commentaries regarding the September 11th Attack on America.

News disclaimer      General disclaimer

Breaking News Commentaries

News Commentary by Our Editorial Staff

The Only Resolution That Will Matter by Jim Josephsen  (01/15/16)    
The Problems with Christmas, Crime and Coveting by Dr. James Ricks (12/22/15)
Christmas - Hiding Magnificent Truths by Jim Josephsen (12/22/15)    
Free and Confident by Mark Armstrong (11/26/15) 
The Red Cup Controversy by Jim Josephsen (11/18/15) 
Soon to Come - The Real Blood Moon by Jim Josephsen (10/16/15) 
How Did We Know by Jim Josephsen (06/02/15) 
Pentagon Dismisses ISIS Capture of Ramadi -by Mark Armstrong (05/19/15)
The First Amendment - Does it Still Mean Anything? -by Mark Armstrong (04/02/15)
Christian Holidays - Obscuring God’s Holy Day –by Jim Josephsen   (03/24/15) 
The Mendacity of Multiculturalism –by Jim Josephsen   (03/03/15) 
Freedom to Worship –by Jim Josephsen   (12/22/14)  
When Comes Fifty In Defiance of God –by Jim Josephsen   (11/07/14)  
Hiding More Than Eggs –by Jim Josephsen   (04/11/14)  
Four Blood Moons – Are They Prophetically Significant? –by Jim Josephsen   (02/08/14)  
Naughty or Nice  –by Jim Josephsen   (12/17/13)  
America's Middle East Posture TRANSFORMED  –by Mark Armstrong   (12/03/13)  
For What Reason – This Day of Giving Thanks? –by Jim Josephsen    (11/26/13)  
Trappings of Integrity –by Mark Armstrong   (11/06/13)  
Embracing the Evil –by Jim Josephsen   (11/01/13)  
Social Justice Vigilantism –by Mark Armstrong   (08/24/13) 
Such Nice Young Boys –by Mark Armstrong   (04/20/13) 
12/21/12...Is this the End? –by Jim Josephsen   (12/21/12)
The Sky is Falling ...Again! –by Mark Armstrong   (12/01/12)
Beyond the Tipping Point –by Mark Armstrong   (11/09/12)
Halloween in the United States - Is It Worth It? –by Jim Josephsen  (11/01/12)     
Worst Case Scenario –by Mark Armstrong   (09/13/12)
When Government Mandates Sin –by Mark Armstrong   (02/11/12)
Europe's Transformation is Underway –by Mark Armstrong   (12/10/11)  
Giving Thanks - We Are Without Excuse –by Jim Josephsen  (11/23/11)   
The End of the World?  Keep Watching! –by Jim Josephsen  (11/01/11)   
Debt Ceilings and Space Shuttles  –by Jim Josephsen  (08/01/11)   
"Infrastructure Re-defined–by Mark Armstrong   (06/17/11)  
"Another Day, Another Lie"  –by Jim Josephsen  (05/25/11)   
“Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste”  –by Mark Armstrong   (01/14/11)  
"Do Atheists Have a Point? –by Jim Josephsen  (12/10/10)   
Small Business Saturday –by Jim Josephsen  (12/01/10)   
Germany at the Helm of Europe  (11/01/10)   
Christian Idolatry –by Jim Josephsen   (06/25/10)  
Preaching the Gospel in the Light of Bad News   –by Jim Josephsen   (06/24/10)    
U.S. Relations with Israel Worst Ever  –by Mark Armstrong   (03/22/10)  
A Greek Calamity  –by Mark Armstrong   (02/20/10)  
Only the Beginning of Sorrows   –by Jim Josephsen   (01/20/10)    
In War, There is No Timeline  –by Jim Josephsen   (12/08/09)   
The Reality of Restored Papal Authority  –by Michael Burkert  (11/26/09) 
The Future Life of Major Hasan  –by Michael Burkert  (11/19/09) 
Celebrating the Dead   –by Jim Josephsen   (10/31/09)    
Government Intervention    –by Jim Josephsen   (09/16/09)    
Inspired Documents - trampled by mortal man –by Mark Armstrong   (07/04/09)  
Imagine: No Enemies, Only Disillusioned Allies –by Mark Armstrong   (06/06/09)  
And the Band Played On  –by John Mitchell   (05/01/09)    
Secular Dominance & Christian Hypocrisy  –by Jim Josephsen   (04/24/09)    
Did You Worship the Son or the Sun?   –by Jim Josephsen   (04/14/09)    
“A New World Order is emerging…”   –by Mark Armstrong   (04/04/09)  
Bankruptcy in Japan and the Rise of Militarism –by Michael Burkert  (03/13/09)   
Europe’s Impending Calamity –by Michael Burkert  (03/01/09) 
"Act Now"  –by Mark Armstrong   (02/01/09)  
Israel & Gaza - The Spread of Conflict –by Mark Armstrong   (01/10/09)  
Gay Politics...and We Don't Mean "Happy" –by Jim Josephsen   (12/24/08)    
Without God in the World  –by Jim Josephsen   (12/04/08) 
Radical Islam Attacks –by Mark Armstrong   (11/29/08)  
Counting the Costs –by Mark Armstrong   (11/27/08)  
Change Coming to America –by Jim Josephsen   (11/06/08) 
Halloween - Paganism to Acceptance –by Jim Josephsen   (10/06/08) 
Economic Meltdown - Averted or Just Delayed? –by Mark Armstrong   (09/26/08)  
Economic Collapse – Planned Disaster  –by Jim Josephsen   (09/26/08) 
False Science and Lies - What a Surprise!  --by Murray Allatt (08/20/08) 
Hotter than Cold War –by Mark Armstrong   (08/16/08)  
Another View of Russia's Invasion of Georgia   –by Mark Armstrong   (08/13/08)  
Iran’s First Nuclear Warhead - Where Will it be Targeted?  –by Mark Armstrong   (08/02/08)  
Having a Form of Godliness  –by Jim Josephsen   (07/22/08) 
Coming Moment of Truth with Iran  –by Mark Armstrong   (07/11/08) 
A Bittersweet Fourth  –by Mark Armstrong   (07/03/08) 
Redefining Marriage - Really!  –by Jim Josephsen   (05/17/08)  
Wall Street Journal says: Load the Pantry  –by Mark Armstrong  (04/26/08) 
Carter Embarrasses America Yet Again  –by Mark Armstrong  (04/26/08) 
War Fever Grips the Middle East   –by Mark Armstrong  (04/10/08) 
Liberation Theology  –by James Ricks (04/01/08) 
Pakistan and Nukes  –by Mark Armstrong  (03/12/08) 
Grave Escalation –by Mark Armstrong  (03/05/08) 
SETTLED SCIENCE or FALSE RELIGION? --by Murray Allatt (03/01/08) 
Is The Enemy To Blame? –by Jim Josephsen   (03/01/08) 
The Bills Are Now Due  –by Jim Josephsen   (01/26/08) 
Sacred Ground  –by Mark Armstrong  (01/11/08)   
Pivotal Pakistan  –by Mark Armstrong  (01/05/08)   
Hitler and Nazi Resurgence –by Chris Cumming  (01/01/08)   
Crisis in Pakistan    –by Mark Armstrong  (12/29/07)   
The Annual Christian Challenge   –by Jim Josephsen   (12/28/07)
A Flood of Warnings  –by Stan Roberts  (12/18/07) 
The Misappropriation of Herbert W. Armstrong's Name –by Mark Armstrong  (12/14/07) 
Conspiracy or Truth? –by Jim Josephsen   (12/08/07)
The Power Behind the Throne –by Michael Burkert   (12/07/07) 
Protestant Churches Accept Papal Authority –by Michael Burkert  (08/25/07)    
Europe and the Coming State Religion –by Michael Burkert  (07/12/07)    
The Iran Connection –by Mark Armstrong  (06/16/07)    
Is America's Legal System Islam's Best Friend –by Michael Burkert  (06/06/07)    
Centuries’ Old Doctrine “Now out of Date” –by Jim Josephsen   (05/05/07)    
Papal Power and the End Times –by Michael Burkert  (05/05/07)    
A House Divided Cannot Stand –by Michael Burkert  (05/01/07)    
What Would You Choose to Give Up? –by Jim Josephsen (02/23/07)    
Dangerous Holy Men –by Mark Armstrong  (02/02/07)    
Two Worlds on a Collision Course –by Michael Burkert  (02/02/07)    
The Scourge of Anti-Semitism –by Michael Burkert  (01/01/07)    
Islam Wins Big...in America –by Michael Burkert  (11/11/06)    
Will Japan be the Next Awakening "Giant"? –by Michael Burkert   (10/26/06)   
No Victory, No Peace –by Michael Burkert  (08/23/06)    
Is the Cease-Fire Doomed? –by Chris Cumming  (08/16/06)    
Whistling in the Dark –by Mark Armstrong  (08/12/06)    
The Proxy War –by Michael Burkert   (08/12/06)     
WAG the Dog –by Mark Armstrong  (08/09/06)    
Can the U.S. Win the "War on Terror"? –by Michael Burkert   (08/04/06)    
"Armies Around Jerusalem -Land for Peace: The Prelude" –by James & Natalie Ricks   (08/02/06)  
Alone in a World of Enemies   –by Mark Armstrong   (07/29/06)  
It's All Israel's Fault –by Michael Burkert   (07/27/06) 
Diplomacy - Is it the Solution, or is it the Problem?   –by Mark Armstrong   (07/14/06) 
Israel Goes on Offensive   –by Mark Armstrong   (06/29/06) 
Blaspheming a Blasphemy –by Mark Armstrong   (06/29/06) 
Multiculturalism Fails in Germany –by Michael Burkert   (04/23/06) 
Mob Rule...Is It Coming to the US? –by Mark Armstrong   (04/15/06) 
Is the Avian Influenza an end time plague? –by Michael Burkert   (03/02/06) 
Cartoon Wars  –by Michael Burkert  (02/08/06) 
Iranian Oil Exchange…Declaration of War?  –by Chris Cumming (02/04/06)  
Has the West Capitulated?  –by Mark Armstrong   (02/04/06)  
Election of Evil  –by Mark Armstrong   (01/28/06) 
"Is Iran an Immediate Threat?" by Mark Armstrong  (12/07/05) 
"War With Iran Soon?" –by Michael Burkert 
Postponing Economic Meltdown in Germany –by Michael Burkert  (12/02/05) 
Europe's Reward by Mark Armstrong–– Saving Private Chirac by Michael Burkert  (11/07/05) 
Act of God...or Mere Coincidence?  –by Mark Armstrong   (09/02/05) 
Disloyal Opposition  –by Michael Burkert  (08/27/05) 
Gaza Withdrawal...Will It Bring Peace?   –by Chris Cumming (08/17/05)  
Internet Take Over?   –by Chris Cumming (08/12/05)  
Forever Lost? –by Mark Armstrong   (08/04/05)
Will Benedict XVI Become Known as the.."Pope of Popes?" –by Michael Burkert  (07/29/05) 
Is Germany the Next Target of Terrorism?  –by Michael Burkert  (07/27/05) 
Assumption of Peace  –by Michael Burkert  (07/07/05) 
Can DEMOCRACY Solve the World's Problems? –by Mark Armstrong   (07/01/05)
Are the EU and the Euro on the Ropes? –by Michael Burkert  (06/25/05) 
Twenty-First Century Crusades?   –by Chris Cumming (06/09/05) 
Betrayed...By The French!   –by Michael Burkert  (06/02/05) 
World Opinion Trumps National Security   –by Mark Armstrong   (05/06/05)
A Benign Papacy?   –by Mark Armstrong   (04/22/05)
The Power of the Pope   –by Mark Armstrong   (04/01/05)
Europe's Tolerance May Soon End   –by Michael Burkert  (03/16/05)
Iraqi Election Day – A Resounding Success  –by Mark Armstrong  (01/31/05)
Is Iran Next? –by Mark Armstrong      (01/26/05)
NAZI Legitimacy? –by Mark Armstrong      (01/21/05)
The Great Tsunami...Was God Involved? –by Mark Armstrong      (01/01/05)
The Trouble with Hateful Holy Men  –by Michael Burkert     (12/22/04)
The Great Christmas Controversy  –by Mark Armstrong      (12/17/04)
Extreme Weather–Better Reporting or Prophetic Trend? –by Chris Cumming  (12/16/04)
Has God Given America ANOTHER CHANCE? –by Mark Armstrong  (11/24/04)
European Islam Shows Its Teeth! –by Michael Burkert   (11/24/04) 
Long Faces in Rome –by Michael Burkert   (11/19/04) 
The Arafat Legacy – in 3 parts by Mark Armstrong, Michael Burkert and Chris Cumming  (11/11/04)
After Iraq, Where Do We Go Next?  –by Michael Burkert   (10/12/04) 
The Euro...the New World Currency?   –by Chris Cumming   (9/15/04)  
Oil Crisis...is the World about to be Shocked?   –by Chris Cumming   (9/15/04) 
The Temple Mount...and the Ultimate Nightmare   –by Mark Armstrong  (8/12/04)
The NEW Anti-Semitism ...an End Time Factor?   –by Michael Burkert   (7/30/04)
China – Rising Asian Powerhouse      –by Chris Cumming   (7/30/04)
NATO...Are Its Final Days Just Ahead?   –by Chris Cumming & Mark Armstrong   (7/13/04)
What to Look for in World Events ––A Scorecard   –by Chris Cumming  (7/02/04)
EuroArmy – For Peace or War?     –by Chris Cumming  (6/18/04)
President Ronald W. Reagan     –by Mark Armstrong   (6/5/04)
Is it NEWS or PROPAGANDA?     –by Mark Armstrong  (5/17/04)
Will the European Union Achieve SUPERPOWER Status?  –by Chris Cumming with introduction by Mark Armstrong and postscript by Michael Burkert (5/14/04)
Torture?   Or Idiotic Prank?    –by Mark Armstrong   (5/6/04)
The Era of Persecution    –by Michael Burkert with introduction by Mark Armstrong   (3/5/04)
The Humiliation Aspect    –by Mark Armstrong   (12/17/03)
The Last Chapter    –by Mark Armstrong   (12/13/03)
The Perspective Of Garner Ted Armstrong    –by Mark Armstrong   (11/21/03)
Will Appeasement Save The Day?    –by Mark Armstrong   (10/31/03)
Another Collapse!    –by Mark Armstrong   (9/26/03)

News Commentary by Garner Ted Armstrong

When Will They Admit Who Is Really Responsible For Global Terrorism?  –by Garner Ted Armstrong  (8/21/03)
And Now... The Blame Game!     –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (8/15/03)
Deadly Heat Wave Strikes Europe!     –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (8/13/03)
Sodomite Elected As Bishop In Episcopal Church!  –by Garner Ted Armstrong  (8/7/03)
A Tale Of Two Enemies    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (8/6/03)
Won’t It Be Wonderful, When Iraq Becomes Just like America?  –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (8/4/03)
High School For ‘Gays, Only’?    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (7/30/03)
And Now... Terrorists As ‘Insider Traders?’    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (7/29/03)
Revisionist Jew-hater Welcomed To The White House...    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (7/25/03)
Scalia’s Dissent    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (7/11/03)
The Big Lie Of "Islam"    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (7/3/03)
Sodomites - And Proud Of It!    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (6/30/03)
The Disunited Non-Nations    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (6/23/03)
Detour Along The Roadmap!    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (6/11/03)
The Newest “Terrorist State”    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (6/6/03)
Australian Homosexual Charges: “Jesus Was Gay!”    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (5/30/03)
Japan - Soon To Become a Nuclear Superpower?    –by Garner Ted Armstrong  (5/20/03)
“We The People Of Europe...”   –by Garner Ted Armstrong     (5/19/03)
UN And Globalism Condemned In The Bible!    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (5/13/03)
Dear Kofi...    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (5/12/03)
WTO Threatens US With Sanctions    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (5/12/03)
Bizarre Human Rights Commission    –by Garner Ted Armstrong    (5/6/03)
New European Army To Be Formed Soon!   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (4/30/03)
An “Islamic Democracy” In Iraq?   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (4/28/03)
Globalism And The New Babylon   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (4/24/03)
“They Declare Their Sin As Sodom”   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (4/20/03)
“Victory In Iraq” - Does Any Credit Go To God?   –by Garner Ted Armstrong  (4/15/03)
"It's All About Oil"   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (4/13/03)
The Art Of Looting   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (4/10/03)
After Saddam, Then What?   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (4/8/03)
How To Have Your Croissant And Eat It Too   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (4/4/03)
“Awwww”... What, No ‘Shock And Awe’?   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (4/3/03)
Ugly Anti-Americanism In France And Germany - Where Will It Lead?   
–by Garner Ted Armstrong  (4/2/03)
French President Offers To Work With Vatican!   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (3/31/03)
Will OPEC Bankrupt The US?   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (3/30/03)
“Point Of View”   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (3/28/03)
Would GOD Fight Our Battles?   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (3/27/03)
Should War Policy Be Changed?   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (3/26/03)
Strategy For Success? - Or For Failure?   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (3/25/03)
The Pride Of Our Power - Or Weakening Resolve?   –by Garner Ted Armstrong (3/24/03)
How The War In Iraq Will Help The Beast To Rise Up In Europe
–by Garner Ted Armstrong   (3/22/03)
The "Worst Case" Scenario   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (3/17/03)
UN, NATO, Europe Divided!   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (3/17/03)
All Because Of Just One Man...   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (3/3/03)
The United Nations - America's Greatest Danger?  
–by Garner Ted Armstrong   (2/26/03)
A Time Of World Troubles Is Here!   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (2/24/03)
Jesus Christ Is Not A Pacifist!   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (2/12/03)
Will Saddam Use Chemical And Biological Weapons?
–by Garner Ted Armstrong   (2/9/03)
Did "Allah" Destroy Columbia?   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (2/4/03)
Violence, Sex, And Blood Lust - Why Does It Sell?
–by Garner Ted Armstrong   (2/4/03)
Will America Conquer Space?   –by Garner Ted Armstrong   (2/2/03)
Space Shuttle Disaster — What does it mean to America?
–by Garner Ted Armstrong   (2/1/03)
Over Seventy-Three Million Americans Missing!  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
The United Nations, ...A Colossal Failure!  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Parading Toward Sodom  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
The United States Of America - Timid Giant?  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
New Arms Race In Asia?  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Do Not Be Distracted From The Big Picture  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
The Next "Holocaust"  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Ancient Hatreds Still Seething Today  –by Garner Ted Armstrong  
Sp  Sp pdf   Japn pdf   Fr  Fr pdf
Prophecies In Real Time  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
A Sniper's Hatred  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Heavy Sits The Crown...  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Weather In Chaos!  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Creating A Frankenstein Monster!  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Global Financial Meltdown...Now Near?  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Can The New World Court Try U.S. Citizens? –by Garner Ted Armstrong
"...One Nation, Apart From God?"  –by Garner Ted Armstrong   
Sp  Sp pdf   Japn pdf
Will The Creation Of A Palestinian State Stop The Violence? 
–by Garner Ted Armstrong
What Is Your Goal?  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
"See That Ye Be Not Troubled..."  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
"Mankind's LAST HOPE FOR PEACE?"  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
"Very Bitter Dialogue..."  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
"Those Nettlesome Jews!"  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
“The Pot Says The Kettle Is Black”  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Islamic Fundamentalism: The Face Of Global Terror!  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Political Chicanery And Double-Speak: Why?  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Mideast in Bloody Chaos -- Is Full Scale Regional War Just Ahead?
–by Garner Ted Armstrong
If The US Strikes Iraq, Will It Lead To Armageddon?   –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Will Mubarak Emerge As The "King Of The South?"    –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Open letter to an anonymous member of the "WCG"  –by Garner Ted Armstrong
Witchcraft, Sorcery, and "Harry Potter"    –by Garner Ted Armstrong

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