Subject:  The Beast Power

Where may one read about the Beast Power and information about how close we are to the end of this age?


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The Emerging Beast Power
Is A United Europe Our Next Enemy?
Who Is The Anti-Christ?
A New European Superpower
Are the US & Europe Mentioned In Prophecy?


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Beast of the Apocalypse: What is it?
Church and the New World Order, The
Coming Soon--An Invasion From Space
Europe and America in Prophecy
Great Tribulation--Is It About To Happen?
Mark of the Beast --What Is It?
Mideast Strife -- Will It Lead to Armageddon?
United States of Europe, When?
Who, What Is the Beast of Revelation?
Will A Temple Soon Be Built In Jerusalem?


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Read here of the warning of the emerging Beast power in Europe.


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Read the article: "How Much Longer Will It Take?"


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Volume 4 Number 4
 Germany and the EU; New Power Brokers on the World Scene?

Volume 4 Number 2
 United States of 2004? 
And Now...Germany Wants the Royal Air Force to Submit to European Control

Volume 4 Number 1
 Germany Moves To Become Biggest Power In Europe

Volume 2 Number 5
The United States of Europe and the New European Army

Volume 1 Number 9
 Germany Pushes Toward Single European State
Will Britain Refuse to Participate in a "Single European State"?
Editorial: Germany's New Chancellor


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"We The People Of Europe..."
UN And Globalism Condemned In The Bible!

New European Army To Be Formed Soon!
Globalism And The New Babylon
Ugly Anti-Americanism In France And Germany - Where Will It Lead?  
French President Offers To Work With Vatican!
The Pride Of Our Power - Or Weakening Resolve?
How The War In Iraq Will Help The Beast To Rise Up In Europe
The United Nations - America's Greatest Danger?
A Time Of World Troubles Is Here!
The Next "Holocaust"
Prophecies In Real Time
Creating A Frankenstein Monster!
Global Financial Meltdown...Now Near?

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Read the following news commentaries there:

Hitler and Nazi Resurgence
The Power Behind the Throne
Protestant Churches Accept Papal Authority
Europe and the Coming State Religion
Centuries’ Old Doctrine “Now out of Date”
Papal Power and the End Times
Multiculturalism Fails in Germany
Mob Rule...Is It Coming to the US?
Postponing Economic Meltdown in Germany 
Saving Private Chirac
Europe's Reward
Will Benedict XVI Become Known as the.."Pope of Popes?"
Is Germany the Next Target of Terrorism?
Are the EU and the Euro on the Ropes?
Twenty-First Century Crusades? 
Betrayed...By The French! 
A Benign Papacy?
The Power of the Pope 
Europe's Tolerance May Soon End
NAZI Legitimacy?
Long Faces in Rome
The Euro...the New World Currency?
NATO...Are Its Final Days Just Ahead?
EuroArmy – For Peace or War?
Will the European Union Achieve SUPERPOWER Status?

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"World Events"

"Two Key Prophecies"


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Read and examine the outline for the End Time posted there.

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