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Site last updated: 23 May 2017

Items Updated

05/23 末 Breaking News
05/23 末 Headlines
05/02末 End Time News          05/02末 End Time News Headline Archive
05/02末   Word From Commentaries Breaking News Stories
泡dded 11 news stories
05/02末   Two Key Prophecies 傍emple
泡dded 3 news stories
05/02末  United Europe News Stories
泡dded 3 news stories
05/02末  Two Key Prophecies 泡rmy
泡dded 3 news stories

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United Europe

05/02末 U.S. issues travel alert for Europe, citing threat of terrorist attacks
05/02末 Turkey's EU dream is over, for now, top official says
05/02末 Angela Merkel snubs strict Saudi Arabia dress code on state visit

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Two Key Prophecies

Armies around Jerusalem
05/02末 Trump warns 'a major, major conflict with North Korea' is possible
05/02末 U.N relief chief warns against continued conflict in S. Sudan
05/02末 Will The US Bomb North Korea? Japanese Government Says Possibility Is Increasingly Realistic

05/02末 UNESCO head calls Temple Mount 蘇oliest place in Judaism
05/02末 The First Step Towards Building the Third Temple: A Synagogue on the Temple Mount
Police arrest activists planning Temple Mount sacrifice
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Word From Commentaries
Added breaking news stories

05/02末 War With Iran?: Intel Source Fears EMP From China and N. Korea- Paul Martin
05/02末 War With Iran?: North Korea amps up worries about potential threat to the U.S. power grid
05/02末 War With Iran?: Experts Say Texas Power Grid Vulnerable To Nuclear EMP Attack
05/02末 War With Iran?: North Korea, the real threat
05/02末 War With Iran?: How EMP Launch Can Devastate the World Without Landing Anywhere
05/02末 War With Iran?: Could North Korea Destroy the US?

05/02末 Internet Take Over?: Soros and Google Champion Government Control of the Internet
NAZI Legitimacy? Germany could return to Hitler-style authoritarianism if economy tanks
05/02末 China-superpower: Rising clout of China in the world; India must wake up!
05/02末 China-superpower: Is China the World痴 New Colonial Power?
05/02末 Germany at Helm: Military historian calls for army leadership to assume more political power

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