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Site last updated: 21 July 2017

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07/21 末 Breaking News
07/21 末 Headlines
07/01末 End Time News          07/01末 End Time News Headline Archive
07/13末  Twenty-First Century Watch
Volume 20, Number 2 - Second  Quarter posted
07/10末   Word From Commentaries Breaking News Stories
泡dded 9 news stories 4 July and 6 news stores 10 July
07/01末   Two Key Prophecies 傍emple
泡dded 8 news stories
07/01末  United Europe News Stories
泡dded 4 news stories
07/01末  Two Key Prophecies 泡rmy
泡dded 4 news stories

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United Europe

07/03末 Macron orders French officials to show more humanity to migrants
07/03末 Germany Surveilled White House, US Defense Sector for Years
07/03末 Google Slapped With $2.7 Billion EU Fine Over Search Results
07/03末 Italy calls on EU countries to take migrant ships as country struggles with record numbers

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Two Key Prophecies

Armies around Jerusalem
07/03末 German defense minister eyes EU fund to boost military
07/03末 Russia to continue to strengthen armed forces: Putin
07/03末 The US-Led Coalition Is Inching Toward Armed Conflict With Russia And Iran In Syria
07/03末 Qatar crisis: Armed conflict and protracted dispute are growing more likely, analysts say

07/03末 Massive Infrastructure To Be Built For Jews To Go On Pilgrimage To The Temple
07/03末 There Was a Time When Men & Women Could Pray Together at W. Wall. Not Anymore
07/03末 Report: Turkey stirring up tensions on Temple Mount
07/03末 Tumult on the Temple Mount
07/03末 Al Aqsa Imam: Western Wall Belongs Only to Muslims
07/03末 Temple Mount closed to Muslims
07/03末 Jumping for joy? An arguably obsolete brigade stays productive
 "Temple Mount in our hands changed the course of history"                                                                          
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Word From Commentaries
Added breaking news stories

07/10末 1st Amendment: The 1st Amendment and what it means for free speech online
07/10末 1st Amendment: Can you name the five freedoms of the First Amendment?
07/10末 1st Amendment:
All Americans should care about this First Amendment case
07/10末 1st Amendment: What Happened to the First Amendment?
07/10末 1st Amendment: Our Constitution痴 1st  Amendment:  Protecting Religious Freedom
07/10末 1st Amendment:
Do we still believe in free speech? Only until we disagree

07/04末 EuroArmy:
薦uropean army is inevitable German defense commissioner

07/04末 War With Iran?: Make No Mistake, We Are Already at War in Syria
07/04末 War With Iran?:
Trump: Toward War in the Middle East
07/04末 War With Iran?:
The Growing Danger of War With Iran
07/04末 War With Iran?:
Saudi ultimatum to Qatar brings Middle East to brink of wider war

07/04末 War With Iran?:
Is war with Iran now inevitable under new Saudi crown prince?
07/04末 War With Iran?: Trump Courts War Risks with Iran
07/04末 War With Iran?:
How Electromagnetic Pulse Attack Can Destroy North America
07/04末 War With Iran?:
Nuclear bombs trigger a strange effect that can fry your electronics

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